Sunday, October 12, 2008

College Football

The truth is that I don't watch a lot of football anymore, but I did watch some yesterday, and it was quite a fun day for college football. Most of you know that I was raised in a family of Texas Aggies, but now that Dad is gone, I do not keep up with them like I used to (and they really have not been giving me any reason to watch them). I was taught from an early age that you NEVER yell for UT - so I learned to sing Boom a Sooner when UT played OU. But then my son graduated from OSU - so I quit singing Boom a Sooner in order to cheer for OSU. During yesterday's game, I was torn as who to cheer for since I do not really like either OU or UT. I did think it was a heck of a game, and I was kind of glad that UT won and shook up OU's world. When OSU beat Missouri, I was plumb tickled. But the icing on the cake was Texas Tech's win over Nebraska. TT was my college of choice and where I went for two years before Toby moved us to SWTSU in San Marcos. Sometimes college football is like a horse race; you just never know how it will turn out.


Becky said...

It was quite a day for college football yesterday. Three of the top 4 teams all went down in flames...

I grew up an Aggie fan, too, but here lately, I'm more of a UT fan. Like you said, the Aggies just don't give us much reason to cheer.

Junk Diva said...

Boom a Sooner sounds like your shooting one, It's BOOMER SOONER!! What is a Boomer anyway???????????

Dawn said...

Wow sounds like a lot of fun for the football fans! I surprised myself this week by actually watching something pertaining to football and really enjoying it! If you haven't watched the movie "Rudy" you should it was quite good!

GUYK said...

Sweetthing and I are Okla State grads..and I get a kick out of seeing the Cowboys many years in the past wins have been hard to come by.

RJ said...

Sweetthing and I are Okla State grads..and I get a kick out of seeing the Cowboys win

I don't know if you know it yet or not but Okie State is ranked 8 right now. Top ten. That is so cool for them. That was a good game and even though Mizzou winning would've helped OU, apparently, I'm glad that OSU beat Mizzou. Though I do wish that Mike Gundy would get some emotions.


Jo Castillo said...

Yes the OSU win was neat. And Tech over Nebraska, cool. I always root for Texas teams over others and then Big 12 teams after that, then the USA over whoever in Olympics, etc. Ha.

Gene went to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, so we have loyalty there, too.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

The UT/OU game was really good...i'm just glad we didn't drop outta the top 5. I'm not a Texas hater, i just prefer taking the W back to Norman. I hope UT wins out, and i sure hope we win out.

I can't tell you how hard i was cheerin' for OSU last nite, i was so happy they rolled Mizzery. Now, we get to watch them (MU) fold up and blow away after next weeks loss to UT. OSU looked great! Hope they continue their ride.

I will admit at this point, i was hoping the Husker's would lay the wood to Tech, who i just can't stand.

Bag Blog said...

Piper, why would anyone hate TT?

Guyk, It figures that you would be an Okie Aggie - we just keep finding common ground - we may even be related through the Archer County connection.

Jo, UNM is a great school. I often wonder if my son would have gone there if we had stayed in NM.

RJ, Do you usually cheer for LSU?

Dawn, I liked "Rudy" but it was a bit slow.

Diva, wouldn't boomers be those that came to OK during the booms rather than sooners who sneaked in before the land runs?

Becky, it is difficult for an Aggie fan to make the switch to a UT fan and vise-versa.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Never used the word 'hate'...that is reserved only for USC and Miami. Tech is just one of those in-conference teams i just don't like...stemming from Oregon-like events. Now Missouri has worked their way into conference teams i just don't like. They just seem so...whiny...or maybe thats just their QB.

RJ said...

RJ, Do you usually cheer for LSU?

My family is big on LSU but not me. I didn't really feel anything towards LSU until about six weeks before we were to play them in the NC game. My family and I were talking every week about how funny it would be if LSU and OU got to play each other and then they did. And then the LSU fans treated the OU fans very badly. I wasn't proud of my home people after that and I don't like LSU at all. I feel very happy when they lose especially with what Tebow did to them.

Now Missouri has worked their way into conference teams i just don't like. They just seem so...whiny...or maybe thats just their QB.

Jay, it is their QB. I thought it funny that he would say that Nebraska was the worst sports team he had ever played against and then he was the worst sport against OSU. While I kind of hope Texas beats them I do want Mizzou to get Texas for us. This all seems so twisted. LOL

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