Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on the Murphy Day

RJ posted a surprising video link from YouTube in my comment section. Here is the link – it is worth your time.

Update: I found my phone under the seat in Toby’s truck probably where I had been searching for something to scrape the frost off the windshield. It was amazing what all was under Toby’s seat – kind of a catch-all place. I had to get a new battery for my car. Toby put it in the car and that night, but yesterday it still would not start. He says it is fixed now. Jesse’s tire was ruined and she had to go to McNair’s to replace the tire. For those of you who do not know McNair’s, you have really missed a treat. Phil, the owner, runs an interesting and booming business. Phil is great to take care of his customers and give you a good price on tires. It is a tire shop. It is filthy. While sitting inside the station one time, waiting on my tires and reading a magazine, I dropped the magazine on the floor. I did not bother to pick it up, because the floor was so nasty that I did not want to touch the magazine or the floor. Phil does have guys working for him who look like axe murders. They are always prompt and business like, but scary looking. We tease Jesse every time she has to visit McNair’s about getting her a boyfriend. The guys are always very "attentive" to her. At dinner we had this conversation:
Toby: Did you tell your mother about Darin?
Jesse bats her eyes: My new boyfriend.
Me: An axe murderer?
Jesse using her sweet silly voice: Yes, it is just a temporary job. Phil is helping him out since he recently got out of prison.
Jesse went on in this vein for a while causing me to LOL. Then last night I dreamed two guys were hanging out to visit her. I did not like either of them - thinking they were lazy. One of them had tattoos. It sure is funny how the mind works and causes us to dream. Do you think I really fear Jesse will bring home some mass-murderer with tattoos? Na, but it must have been on my brain.

Speaking of on the brain, I teased Jesse about walking like a "Baggett" with her shoulders back and arms down to her sides – gunslinger style. It is not really a problem unless she is squinting at you too. She said I made her feel self-conscious. Here is a picture of her on the baseball field at camp. Her walk is not so odd; it is just a Baggett thang. I remember my dad taking me for walks in RR and having me concentrate on not walking with my toes out - like a duck. Then my own mother used to instruct me this way, "Shoulders back, tummy in, hiney under..." Then I would hobble off concentrating on all she had said. Jesse posted some pics on her blog of camp. Pretty silly!


Buck said...

I did not bother to pick it up, because the floor was so nasty that I did not want to touch the magazine or the floor.

WHY do some businesses DO that sort of thing? I don't care how nice a guy Phil is... I wouldn't patronize his business. I have a military attitude about things like this: it's attention to detail, and we all know the Devil is in the details. I understand you like this guy, Lou, and more power to both him and you. But I do tend to judge a book by its cover in this particular space.

Apropos of nothing... I always visualize Jack Nicholson whenever someone uses the term "axe murderer." Every single time, without fail...

re: That vid you linked. How VERY interesting!

Becky said...

Glad you found your phone and that everything worked out OK.

I loved the link.

Inquiries said...

McNairs is a very interesting place.

Glad you found your phone

Junk Diva said...

Ahhh, so glad Jesse found herself a guy.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, if McNairs was a food place, I would never do business there, but a tire shop...well, it is cheap, he treats me well and does not try to swindle me. I can live with the grease and grime.

Ashley, I bet the axe murderers love you too.

Diva, Wait until you see his tattoos!