Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Having Toby's mom here for the last couple of days has been a real treat. We have spent some fun time with the GGs. We spent some time shopping. We have spent too much time at Wal-Mart with me forgetting items for the Thanksgiving meal coming up. Last night the GGs came over for supper with Great-Gran and had a big time entertaining us. I had planned a "treasure hunt" since GBN1 has been interested in treasure maps lately. She has a map of the USA that she calls her treasure map. I thought it would be fun to make a map of places around here to keep her busy. I drew out clues and placed them around the house and out in the yard leading her from one place to the next to find "the treasure." It took her a minute to catch on, but once she did, she was so excited. The last clue was out in the tractor, and it was a picture of the mail box. GBN1 squealed, "The mailbox! We need the four-wheeler! Only three people can go." We managed to get four on the four-wheeler. At the mailbox, GBN1 found two Smarties candies. You would have thought she had found gold. I can't wait until we do the next treasure hunt! Grandbabies are such a treasure. (Jesse took photos, but I don't know if she will post them soon or not.)

I am headed to Mom's today to help cook pies and such. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with lots of good food and fellowship.


joyce said...

Wow---you are an amazing Grandmother!! A treasure hunt. What fun.

Dawn said...

What a fantastic idea!!We might steal that one.
Have a super duper Happy Thanksgiving
Lou, and may the Lord just pour out his joy on you!

Dale said...

I loved the treasure hunt story! Grandbabies are such fun!! I am going to send to you, via email, a song my grandaughter sang for her Papaw. You'll love it!

Lou Lou you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to tell everyone I said hi!! A time to count your blessings for sure and you and your family are among my counting! Love you guys!

Buck said...

Great work on the treasure hunt, Lou!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all at the Lazy B!!!

you could market the idea and instead of a Easter egg could do a Turkey Lurkey Treasure hunt.

you guys can retire on the royalties.

Towanda said...

Happy BELATED Thanksgiving, Lou!

(I love the day after Thanksgiving -- turkey sandwiches for lunch!)

The treasure hunt was a great idea. I might do that when my grand-daughter is here for Christmas.

Jo Castillo said...

What fun! Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for all your T-Day blessings.