Monday, December 29, 2008

Catching Up in Busy Times

My day with Mom went well. We had lunch with her friends at Cheddar’s, which was good. I tried to take a picture of Mom and the ladies, but I had trouble giving them instruction. "Lean in" seemed to be beyond comprehension. Since these ladies are all old enough to be my mother and one is my mother, I hated to keep giving orders. I finally gave up and took the picture. I tried to get another one of just Mom. She usually gives this fake smile, which is sometimes more like a grimace. So I tried to catch her a bit unaware before she had too much time to paste the smile on. Unfortunately, in the photo the guy in the background is picking his nose. I gave up on my picture taking. I was surprised that my computer let me upload a photo, but it only let me do one - sigh! I should have mentioned that my mom is on the far right.

Movie Review:
I noticed this morning that the movie, "Marley and Me" was number one at the box office this weekend. The reporters made a big to-do over Jennifer Aniston’s movie doing better than Brad Pitt’s movie. Who cares! But I did happen to see "Marley and Me" on Saturday. I debated on giving my thoughts – not wanting to spoil the movie for anyone who wants to see it, but what the heck! I was totally taken by surprise thinking the movie to be just another silly, fun movie about a dog – after all, it has Owen Wilson and Jennifer A in it. How serious could it be? For the most part, it is about the Marley and his antics, but it is more. It is about life and the choices we make. I liked the movie. I especially liked Alan Arkin’s role as the editor of the newspaper. The part that took me by surprise was the ending. I have never cried so hard in a movie in my life – not even when John Wayne was killed in "The Shootist." I went to see "M & M" with some of my girl friends. I found myself sunk low in my chair trying not to hup or sniff or snort too loud, but the tears just flowed unchecked down my cheeks. I pulled my shirt up to wipe the tears hoping no one knew I was bawling like a baby. Soon I realized my friends were in bad shape too, but I still tried not to just wail. After the movie, my friend Beverly started telling about how her cat, which had grown up with her kids, had died and how devastated everyone was. Then Lindsay told about her golden retriever, Boomer. We were all crying. It was too much for me and I went home. Today, Mom told me that the grandkids had gone to see "M & M." "You’re kidding! That was not for kids!" She agreed and said that the kids had all come home with wet sleeves from crying. Great! I think people should be warned.

Another Review:
Jesse has Christmas pics up on her blog.


Becky said...

It looks like you and your mom had a great day!

Thanks for the movie review. Cody and I both want to see that one, but will more than likely wait until it comes out on DVD and Netflix it. Going to the theater is just a bit out of my budget at the moment.

joyce said...

Thanks for the warning. I check out everything about a movie first, 'cause I hate being surprised. I cry too easy. But, my friend and neighbor one street north has that very dog. Chews up her shoes. She wants to go see the movie.

Bag Blog said...

Joyce, I think you will like the movie, but be prepared to cry.

Buck said...

I think ya done good with the photo, Lou. That's an elegant group of ladies, if I EVER saw one.

Ah... the ol "waterworks at the movies" trick. I cry too danged easily, as well, and that's not a very manly sort of thing to do. It embarrasses the livin' Hell out of me when it happens, and it happens all TOO often. So much for men not showing their feelings, eh?

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, you too, huh? Jennie and I went to see M&M on Friday. Then watched some tear jerker on Hallmark when we got home. I had just found the song, Honey, by Bobby Goldsboro on iTunes and that made me cry, too. So all evening and next day Jennie would say, "Oops, go play Honey, we are smiling again!" She has put two dogs down at her young age and is so into our grand-dogs. Jeesh....