Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Stylin' SIL

A few years back my family was sitting around Mom’s kitchen table at some big family gathering like Thanksgiving. My stylin’ sister-in-law, Debbie, was there looking quite gorgeous. Since Debbie is always up on the latest fashion, and I am always on the lookout for some new style, I noticed her lipstick and commented on it. "Debbie, that is some nice lipstick!" Debbie, being silly, preened, "Why, thank you. Would you like to try it? It is new." She handed me the new lipstick, which I smeared on my lips. It had to be the foulest lipstick that I had ever put on. It was dry and made my lips feel like the Sahara. So, I took a closer look at the lipstick container. "Debbie, this is not lipstick. It is eye shadow." Debbie had an incredulous look, "Are you kidding me?" She grabbed the "lipstick" and gave it a closer look. Then she burst out laughing at herself, "No wonder it felt so horrible on my lips!" We laughed a lot that day over her mistake, and I still tease her about it.

While at Mom’s house this Thanksgiving, Mom, Debbie, and I were in the "beauty shop" talking. Debbie picked up a bottle of what she thought was cuticle oil and began painting her cuticles (the skin around the nails). Suddenly she stopped with this funny look on her face, "I just painted top-coat on my fingers thinking it was cuticle oil!" (For you guys who do not know, top-coat is like clear fingernail polish.) Mom asked her, "So how does top-coat feel on your fingers?" Debbie replied, "A lot like the eye-shadow did on my lips." I was rolling in the floor laughing.
Here is my gorgeous, stylin’ SIL along with my beautiful daughter on Thanksgiving Day looking through the ads for Black Friday.


Buck said...

Well... I got nuthin' in this space! (Except to say life is a LOT simpler if'n you're male.) ;-)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i chopped an eyebrow off once.

Mezzo SF said...

hahahaahh that is funny!! totally something i would do!

glad ya'll had a nice thanksgiving! sounds like you all had a blast with all the family!