Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shopping with The Girl

Yesterday afternoon, Jesse, Toby, and I went to Lawton to do some shopping. After making the usual stop at Hobby Lobby ('cause if I don’t write a check there at least once a week, they call and ask about me) we went to Starbucks for some special coffee. Then we moved on to the mall because Toby needed something at Sears, and Jesse and I still needed some Christmas presents for the cousins. Of course at Sears, we all made a beeline for the bathrooms (Starbucks does that). Upon entering the ladies restroom Jesse and I were met with a long line of ladies already waiting and a foul odor to which Jesse hollered, "Shoowee!" Being a mom, I replied, "Good grief, Jesse! I can’t take you anywhere!" Being a smart-a, Jesse said, "Come on! You know everyone was thinking it!" Giggles erupted down the line of ladies.


Buck said...

"Come on! You know everyone was thinking it!"

Heh. Jess is right. ;-)

Becky said...

LOL! That Jesse is such a hoot! I'm sure everyone was thinking it, too.