Friday, January 09, 2009

Neutral Ground

OU got the big chomp last night. Toby cheered for the Gators (he had similar feelings to those expressed by Buck) while I was pulling for OU. It was a good game - I did get that part right. Someone made an interesting point: There is an advantage to playing on your home field, so the teams of the Big 12 normally rotate their schedule to play each year at different fields. But OU vs. UT is played in Dallas on neutral ground. Is that fair to the other teams like TT who had to play in Norman this year? What if UT had played OU in Norman? Maybe UT would have beaten TT if they had been playing in Austin. What if...

I wanted to apologize if I offended any UT fans yesterday – that was not my intention. Although, I do admit to wanting to tweak you a bit (especially John). I know that fans everywhere can be obnoxious. Living in OK, I don’t have to deal with Gator fans on a regular basis, but OU fans can be nauseating. As for T-sippers, well, it has just been bred into me to dislike UT. You would understand if you had spent your life going to A&M games and family reunions at the same time. If you think I am bad, you should hear my uncles and cousins. We once had an incident at one of those games that prove all teams have their problem fans.

Back in the day when my big brother and I were both attending Texas Tech, our parents and young siblings drove out to Lubbock to the A&M vs. TT game. Some of my other relatives where there too, but we all had tickets to sit in different places around the stadium. Dad gave us instructions to meet back in front of the stadium after the game at a specific place. That year A&M beat TT. As I walked up to the meeting place after the game I saw my little brother perched on a railing grinning at me wearing his A&M cap. About the time I arrived, some female TT student walked by and slapped Pete’s hat off nearly knocking him off of his perch. I don’t remember what she said to him. I don’t remember what I said. I just remember being incensed that someone would do that to a little kid, and I made her pick up the hat and hand it back to him. Pete remembers it quite well. I won’t repeat what he remembers me saying, but the girl did pick up the hat and hand it to Pete with an apology. Isn’t that what big sisters are for?


John said...

So "Zero U" has lost 5 straight BCS bowl games in a row with three of them for the National Championship!!! I think Stoops nickname (Big Game Bob) needs to be changed to "Big Choke Bob".

Hey said you were entitled to play for a title seeing as how you scored a record number of points this year. Of course, running up the score on teams does not necessarily make you a good's just a way to manipulate the BSC computers so you can play for the title!!! In other words, no class whatsoever.

Say what you want about UT Lou, but you don't see Mack Brown running up the score in order to manipulate the computers. And of course, there is a small thing such as "head to head" that Stoops hasn't figured out yet with UT beating him.

This is why there needs to be a playoff system. If teams are not undefeated, they can sway the computers and the voters in the AP etc. So bogus!!!

And hey...if you didn't get a "dig" in for me Lou, I would have figured you were mad at me...and I would have called to see if you weren't feeling well :-) Here are my guesses for the top 5 now:

Zero U

We'll see...take care Lou.

Buck said...

That was a pretty good game last night. Not as good as some championship games I've seen, but pretty danged entertaining, none the less. I'm thinking the wrong guy won the Heisman this year, for starters. Tebow was simply better than Bradford (understatement, that) when you get right down to it, and then there was Florida's defense. When a team can stand OU up on the goal line, not once but twice, well... you pretty much know it's over.

I gotta feel for Stoops, tho. But not for... oh, never mind. No sense rubbing it in. ;-)

Jo Castillo said...

We sat on the fence last night, not caring for either team. :) I only watched some of the last quarter. When I saw OU lost for sure, I went on to bigger and better things.

As you know we are baseball fans, but like you, try to keep up with the news, for sure.

Bag Blog said...

John, I agree with Stoops and his running up the score - class-less. But Mack Brown can't run up the score because he just isn't able to.

Becky said...

Would that be the same Mack Brown who ran up 45 points on OU? And on a neutral field? That's the Mack Brown that isn't "able" to run up the score?

It's great to be a Florida Gator! (I'll go back to hating them in the fall.)

Becky said...

P.S. Why does Bob Stoops have to eat his breakfast cereal on a plate?

Because if it was in a bowl, he'd lose it!

John said...

Mack Brown running up the score again'st OU this year??? A score of 45-35 is definitely not running up the score!! A 10 point difference with OU is nothing and can be overcome within a matter of minutes.

Lou....I've followed Mack for 11 years at UT and he has had plenty of times he could have run up the score on the Baylors of this world, other conference foes as well as non-conference games. Mack is not made that way...he might have cost us a couple more chances at a title, but he will not compromise his principles. I remember watching Barry Switzer a couple weeks ago when they announced that OU would be playing Florida instead of the team they lost to...UT. All he kept repeating was the amount of points OU scored this year....made me want to throw-up. Bottom-line...running up the score is very important to the BCS computers.

Bob said...

Has anyone else noticed that "Bob Stoops" is a complete sentence?

Bag Blog said...

Bob, thank for pointing that out. Now I will be looking at names more closely.

GUYK said...

Well, the Gators might have won but they are still ugly and their mommas dress 'em funny