Friday, January 16, 2009

Only the Lonely

I’m having Hobby Lobby withdrawals. Toby is quaking in his boots. I am using the excuse that the oil in the Camry needs changing, and I must make a trip to Lawton. I invited the Junk Diva to go with me, but her Junk Hunk is home today. Last night I attended the kick-off/membership drive at the Art Guild all by myself. The meeting was held at a local art collector’s home. The collectors lived in NM back in the late 40’s and have some great pieces of art from some very famous Taos artists back in the day. Their home was amazing. Jesse was supposed to attend the meeting with me, but she opted to go with friends to some sort of Beatle's show in Lawton. Such is life. One of Jesse’s young men volunteered to go to the art guild meeting with me (be my date). That was nice of him, but then I would have to be nice all evening. If one of us was going to get to be a martyr, it was going to be me.

Ashley was the only student at art yesterday. I don’t mind. I like having her all to myself. Although when I got paint all over my face, she did laugh pretty hard. Next time she gets paint on her face, I may not tell her at all – paybacks.

Maybe I am having more than Hobby Lobby withdrawals. Maybe I am missing the party atmosphere of the holidays, the time spent with Jesse, etc. While talking to the Diva this morning, I invited myself to a party at her house. Well, actually I suggested she have a party and invite me.

I've done two watercolors lately, and I really dislike both of them. Hobby Lobby here I come!


Towanda said...

We have a Hobby Lobby here in Santa Fe, and would you believe I have not been to it yet?

I have been to Michael's and JoAnn's ... but Hobby Lobby is still on my long list of places I need to go. I LOVE stores like that!

Buck said...

I’m having Hobby Lobby withdrawals. Toby is quaking in his boots. ... Hobby Lobby here I come!

Well... you could always leave your credit card at home. (snerk)

I grinned at your martyr comment. So... female!

Becky said...

Mmmmmm, Hobby Lobby...I haven't been to one in YEARS, since they closed the one in Memphis. That was about 10 or 11 years ago. Have a little extra fun for me, would ya?

Inquiries said...

I love Hobby Lobby. I did laugh at you yes! That is why I always check the mirror before I leave! You guys are mean enough not to tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

joyce said...

I am needing a Hobby Lobby visit. Our closest is way south Arlington, south of I-20. (30 minutes away in heavy traffic near the mall) But, I head straight for the yarn and restock on colors Walmart does not carry. Michaels and Joanne's carry some neat colors, but not like Hobby Lobby. 100 percent cotton for dishcloths. wish I had visited two weeks ago when gas was cheaper.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, notice all of the women commentors zeroed in on the Hobby Lobby part with stars in their eyes. I knew you would like the "martyr" part - it is such a woman thang.