Monday, February 02, 2009

The Big Events

I attended two major events this weekend. On Saturday, I attended a workshop for my American Sign Language class in Sulphur, OK. Because there is a deaf school in Sulphur, there is a large population of deaf people in the area. The workshop included about six deaf people who were brought in to communicate with us and teach us more about the deaf culture. For me, learning language is not easy. Watching someone’s hands to communicate is very different – you have to pay attention – you have to use your body as well as your brain. It takes great concentration. It is intense. Being thrown in with people who are deaf is a great way to force you to communicate through ASL. I really enjoyed getting to know the deaf, but by the end of the workshop, my shoulders were tight, my eyes hurt, and I had a headache from concentrating. Sometimes I think I should go take Spanish classes instead.

The second big event this weekend was the Super Bowl party at the Junk Diva’s house. The Diva lives out in the country in a big comfortable home. Several other friends were there, and we all brought food. She made homemade rolls and sweet rolls – her specialty. I brought pico de gallo and chips – my specialty. Some of us gathered in the den with the big screen TV. Others stayed in the kitchen with the food and the smaller TV. Some hung out in the living room and played games. Besides the Diva’s family, my other two partners in crime were there with their families. We thought about putting on our own half-time show and dancing for the group, but we decided NOT.

Everyone picked their spot to watch the game and their team to cheer for. Most everyone was for Arizona, except for Janice and Aunt B (sisters and my two dance partners). It was funny that all through the game there was yelling and visiting and eating, but when the commercials came on, someone would holler, "Commercial!" and we would all get quiet. Janice and Aunt B set on one side of the room with the Diva and I on the other. There was lots of good ribbing and teasing throughout the game. At one point Aunt B said something about the "Robins" meaning the "Cardinals" showing her true football knowledge and her blonde-ness. It will be a while before she lives that one down especially when she said it in front of the Diva and myself. I thought it was an excellent game. There were some great plays and lots of excitement, and it was close right up until the end. When the game was over, I wondered if the game had really been so great or was it the friends and fellowship that was so great. It was probably a combination of the two, but this was one of the best Super Bowls in a long time.


Buck said...

It was probably a combination of the two, but this was one of the best Super Bowls in a long time.

More than likely a combo... to be sure. But the Talking Heads all said the game was as good... if not better... than last year's. I even enjoyed it, and I'm NOT a fan of pro football, as you know.

ASL sounds like a LOT of work, Lou. But very cool!

Becky said...

It was a great game, Lou. I watched it by myself so I know it wasn't the company, though company might have made things more enjoyable. I was for Arizona, too. I was so hoping they could pull of another upset, but alas it was not to be.

I understand what you mean about trying to communicate in sign language. I felt the same way the last time I tried to IM with a non-English speaking Italian. We communicated pretty well, but it left me with such a headache! I was not as far removed from my Italian tour then. I know I couldn't do it now.

Word Verification: mundo--world in Spanish

Dawn said...

I think sign class might intimidate me or something. I know it was way hard for me to retain it only because there are too many other things fighting for space in my head so I backed off. For now anyway.

The game sounds like it may have been one I actually enjoyed and that is so because of the company kept I'm sure. Glad you gals had so much fun! :)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Bo and i were talking about the game tonite and we agreed that it was a good game...not a great one. Had AZ scored on that final drive, it would have elevated itself to greatness. Bo brought up the penalty factor which i again agree slowed the game down considerably. The comm'ls for me were not the quality of SB's of the past, some good, some not so good, some just really one will ever need to remind me to purchase ANYTHING having to do with GO DADDY! Anyhoo, my two if its worth THAT much.

Bag Blog said...

Piper, Bo loves to analyze everything – Bo knows. Funny that you should mention “coppers.” When Aunt B said she was going to be for the “Robins,” I said, “Weren’t you for the Coppers?”

Buck, I didn't listen to the talking heads at all - that is probably what made it a good game too:)

Becky, My Italian is rusty too.

Dawn, Head space is a problem for me too, but lately mine has been a little too empty.

Doc said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who really watches for the commercials. ;-)