Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold Day

Did I mention that I have a bad cold? I stayed home all day yesterday with my head feeling like it might explode and that feeling of tingling my sinuses that you get when you dive into a swimming pool and get chlorine up your nose. Today is better, but not great. I am staying home again today and hoping that rest and relaxation will help. Maybe Toby will make me another hot toddy.

And I’m bored out of my mind. I’ve been surfing the net and leaving long messages on comments. I’m sure everyone loves for me to blog on their comment section. Although I am terribly dull and not a thing is happening, I thought I might as well come to my own blog and post something today. Besides the computer, the dogs have been my main source of entertainment. Ranger took over the new toy that I bought for the puppy. The puppy moved on to shoes, socks and gloves. After much debate and discussion, I think we will call the puppy Jack. – after Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course there is also Jack Frost, Jack Roan, Jack be nimble, Jack the Ripper, etc. All of those seem to fit him pretty well. Jesse and I watched old Hanna Barbera cartoons on YouTube looking for appropriate sidekick names, since the pup seems to be a sidekick to our other dogs who ignore him as much as possible. We have Ranger, and we thought about calling the pup Tonto, but it didn’t fit. Bobalouie from Quick Draw McGraw seemed like a good name, but Toby didn’t like it. I liked Reddy from Ruff and Reddy (and the dog is red) but no one else liked the name. Huckleberry was a possibility, but not. Anyway, we had fun watching the cartoons on a Saturday morning. I have always wanted a pink poodle that I could call Ruby Tuesday, but it isn’t a good name for a male dog even if he is red. I liked Rubio, but got shot down on that one too. Jack will be a good name – if it sticks to him. A name has to fit and be easy off the lips. We will see.

The good news is that the weather is lousy – cold and windy – so I am not missing anything outdoors. Toby got in some elderberry plants to go with the huge garden and orchard he has been working on. If the weather is better tomorrow, we will plant them. He also started some plants from seed – something like 72 little plants. It is going to be a busy spring and summer. I feel like Claudette Colbert in The Egg and I. If you have never read that book, it is much better than the movie. I can picture myself canning more stuff than we could ever eat.

I got my card entries painted for the Soldiers Angel’s contest. SA wants to make more cards for the SA store. I don’t really know what they were wanting, but I painted four scenes from military life. Maybe one will work. I will post them soon. I am not on my desktop right now – leaving it for Toby to be working on tax stuff. – and the laptop has my paintings on it. I did post a couple of my paintings on my FaceBook page for Jake Woods to see, since I borrowed a couple photos from his blog and got permission to use them. Thanks Jake. Chris let me use one of his photos too. Thanks Chris.

Okay, enough rambling. I may go read my romance novel, since I don’t have an Amazon Kindle to download something really interesting. Or I may make the rounds of my favorite blogs and leave some more comments.


Becky said...

Sorry you're feeling down, Lou. I hope you feel better soon!

Greta Perry said...

Feel better and please share the contest entries:)

Buck said...

Wow... you've been snake-bit the last couple of days! First your ankle, now your head... which I hope feels better soon. Toddies DO help, if only to help you forget why you're miserable. ;-)

I replied to your Kindle comment over at my place, but I'll repeat it here. I love the concept but am put off by the price, which is a fairly princely sum, IMHO. And I'm not sure if one would even work in P-Ville... we ain't exactly the wireless broadband capital of the world. But I can see how you would get a lot of use out of one. They ARE the future, methinks.

If it's any consolation... our WX was miserable yesterday, too. Friday was gorgeous... serious top-down WX, it was... and then that cold front blew in MOST literally (60 mph gusts) Friday night and the world got COLD. But it ain't a lasting thing and we'll be back in the 80s tomorrow. There may even be a Happy Hour today, as well... it just remains to be seen!

And there's MY novelette for the day. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Becky.

Buck, I thought those Kindle books operate on cell phone technology - what ever that means.

Greta, I will post them soon. I have not heard from SA yet as to who won the contest, although that may not really matter.

joyce said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Bob and I are wondering what the orange roofed round barn looking things are about mile marker 28 on I-44 near Lawton?? Near Geronimo? Are they barns? Just south of the huge clay colored hill on the east side of the freeway. We have tried google-earth, but they are blurry.

You live in beautiful country. Thanks, Joyce

Bob said...

Jack's a great name. Whenever he poops, you can tell Toby about it by saying, "I know something you don't know." ... "I know Jack sh*t."

Our oldest son and his wife named their cat "Jack". But when they had him fixed, they renamed him "Jacques". (Seriously, they did.)

Bag Blog said...

I thought I posted a comment, but I must have messed that up.

Bob, Toby and I seem to be filled with knowledge from Jack - it is amazing how much a little puppy can poop.

Joyce, I rarely travel that part of I44 since we travel to Lawton via Hwy 7. I am not familiar with the orange roofed barns, but I am curious now.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to try Colten's kindle. It's kinda neat, but I agree with Buck. For that much money, it's not that neat.


Buck said...

Buck, I thought those Kindle books operate on cell phone technology - what ever that means.

It does... 3G (third gen), according to their PR machine. But that would STILL be a problem out here in the sticks. Sprint is the only national company that serves this area (I'mnot sure their network would be "Kindle compatible"); we have a local company that provides the majority of service. That's why you'll never see an iPhone in this neck of the woods... AT&T has no presence.

Buck said...

Never mind the above... I checked Amazon closely and find Sprint is the Kindle's network. Portales IS covered.