Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Computer Man

Out of six tries, I was able to finally post another picture (this one of Zoe). While I sat at computer with my new Watercolor magazine, I tried again and again, one right after another to post a photo. Ta-Da!

Yesterday, a young man from Wichita Online, a wireless company, came by the house to see if we could receive their wireless. The first thing the guy did was to climb up on the roof of my house and look around - I never saw him with any sort of gadget that might seek wireless reception. He looked off toward Bray (approx. 10 mi. away) and then said, "No, you cannot get wireless. You should try satellite." After explaining to him that I had Hughes and what my problem was with Hughes, he said he could take a look. Later he added that he used to work for Hughes - sort of , maybe, I kind of doubt it. But at the time, I told him that that if he could make my computer able to upload photos, I would gladly pay him. You know, letting a stranger look at your computer is a bit like letting someone look through your underwear drawer. It gave me an icky feeling, but I was desperate.

The more the guy talked, the more worried I became. He was very nice and polite, but I don't think he knew anymore about computers than I. He did look at my dish, run some speed tests, and tried updating something from Hughes - all to no avail. Several times his words were a contradiction to other things he said. At one point, he took the cord from my modem to my router and said it was "not right." He put my cord in his truck and brought me another one. Of course, the new cord did not change things either - I eventually made him bring back my cord. For some reason, he wanted to "get into my router" saying it was very old and outdated. I insisted that the router was not the problem, because we had bypassed the router several times and it still did not fix the problem. A couple of hours later, I still could not upload a photo to my blog, and my eye was twitching. It is hard to explain my feelings about this guy, but let's just say that he did not instill confidence. It was pretty much a waste of my afternoon.

This morning when I was able to post the painting below, I thought, "Yeha!" Then I tried to post the photo of Zoe - again and again. Although it finally posted, nothing has really changed. I was hoping maybe the guy actually fixed the connection, but I guess not.


inpassing said...

Your title "The Computer Man" and then the picture of Zoe right under it led me to believe you were going to write about Zoe being a computer whiz. After I read your post, I looked at Zoe again...and he really looks like he is rather confident, maybe even studious!!

Bag Blog said...

Inpassing, I let Zoe have a look at the computer, but her paws were too big for the keyboard.

Buck said...

Well... something changed, eh? I notice your spacing is different on this post... and spacing is something Blogger doesn't let you control... as far as I know, anyway (coz I've tried to change mine on several occasions).

Computer geeks are strange people, and don't ask me how I know. ;-)

Yer man might have known what he was doing yesterday, but I kinda doubt it. I always trust my gut in situations like this, and it seems like he was probably a guy who knew how to install antennae and run cable... and not much else.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

I know a guy... he's married to your daughter's best friend. You may wanna fix him some enchiladas sometime soon.

Becky said...

Sorry you're still having troubles, Lou. I wish there were something I could do, but I'm just not that into computers.

Word Verification: upher--what your connection seems to be saying to you!

Dale said...

Wow, your eye started twitching...LOL!! I think I've seen the eye twitch thing before and that's not good...LOL!! If I remember correctly the eye twitch was followed by a hummmmph.... Sweetheart, I hope you get this worked out soon for your own sanity!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, maybe something changed - who knows? How did it mess up in the first place - who knows?

Piper, I tell that guy, married to my daughter's best friend, all my problems as it is.

Becky, one thing about computer problems - you learn something about them every time you have to fix them.

Dale, my eye twitch is usually followed by a right hook.

Bob said...

I see Zoe reads Shel Silverstein and Jan Karon. We have similar tastes.

Bag Blog said...

Zoe is an amzaing dog. She likes a litte David Baldacci too.

Dawn said...

What is the deal with your photo's????
I have Hughes and don't have a bit of problems posting photos!!
You need to come over with that computer of yours girl, maybe we can pinpoint something. oh and I want to borrow some of your books to read :)

I miss your art pictures too!