Monday, February 16, 2009


Frustration seems to be the name of the game this morning. I spoke again with to see about my photo-uploading problem. I will rehash the problem:

1. When I try to upload a photo, I get an error message 506 – suspected satellite outage link
2. This happens on all three of the computers that we have here at the house – suggesting that it is not a computer problem.
3.This happens on Jesse’s blog too – not just my blog.
4.We are able to upload photos from our computers at other locations using other internet services - example: blogging from San Antonio on my laptop
5.I can by-pass the router here at the house and it still does not work – not a router problem.
6.Occasionally, it will work, but this morning I tried at least 7 times to no avail.

Today, Daniel from (or should I say from India) suggested that my problem is with "my host" to my blog/website. I’m not sure what he is saying or if he knows what a blog is, but he suggested that I contact my host and see what the problem is. How do you actually contact Blogger? And is there any reason to do so?

I wanted to share a photo of the painting I did for my mom, but I guess you will have to wait until I can go to town to use the library computer.


Buck said...

My $0.02: it's Hughes. Three different computers, two different blogs, same issue. The ONLY thing in common is the ISP, especially when you've bypassed the router.

Wanna join me in my (currently prospective) post-retirement career as a midnite fire-bomber? ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Why yes, Buck, I would make a good midnite firebomber these days.

You won't believe it, but my word verification is "phoatech"

Becky said...

It wouldn't hurt to contact Blogger just in case. I don't think they are the problem, but it wouldn't hurt to check into it anyway.

Jo Castillo said...

My computer guru says always reboot. :) Do you use Firefox as your browser, that seems to work the best with Blogger? There is some pretty good troubleshooting in Blogger help. Your template is simple and you don't have all sorts of gadgets like I do. Very interesting......

Bob said...

"Daniel" is full of it. Blogger's photo uploading has been working just fine. Jo's suggestion to use Firefox is a good one.

Inquiries said...

Can you attach photos to an email? If so email it to me and I will post it then you can post it on your blog using the web instead of your computer.

Bag Blog said...

Jo and Bob, I have tried all sorts of things like rebooting. I don't normally use Firefox, but it seems like I did try to upload from FF once and it did not work. Doesn't mean it might not work better - so I will try it again. My friend down the road, Dawn, also has Hughes and is able to upload photos without any problem. Somewhere in the process of my photo being sent to the satellite and then to Blogger seems to have a glitch.