Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Morning Conversation

At breakfast this morning I was quizzing Toby and Jes on what their plans were after work. I knew they were both supposed to attend the local science fair. Jesse is to be a photographer and Toby is supposed to be a judge. But I did not know the specifics like what time they needed to be there, what about supper, were they coming home before all of this, etc. Jesse said that she was to be at the fair pretty quick after work. Toby did not seem to know much about the agenda, and Jesse informed him that he needed to be there right after work for the "initiation."

Toby questioned, "The initiation?"
Jesse, being funny replied, "Yes, they are going to beat you up."
We all got a laugh out of that.
Then she said, "Wait, it is the orientation."
Then we really laughed at her.
Jesse, "That is going on the blog isn’t it?"
Me, "Yep."


Buck said...

Jesse, "That is going on the blog isn’t it?"
Me, "Yep."

You ARE familiar with the "payback" concept, right? ;-)

Becky said...

Everything is blog fodder around here.

Bob said...

Jesse, "That is going on the blog isn’t it?"

Then you should have said: "Noooo, of course not ... trust me ... scouts honor."

(When that shows up in your blog, it's much funnier.)

Bag Blog said...

Not only does my family know me well, my readers do too.

Mezzo SF said...

ya'll have a local science fair??

Jenny said...

That's funny!