Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Weekend So Far

It has been a busy weekend, and it is only Sunday morning. On Friday, my new art buddies came to my little house. I think they were a bit horrified at first by the size and the unfinished look on the outside of my house. But then they came inside and saw the bright airy room with wonderful windows and a beautiful view. I think they felt very comfy, yet I doubt any of them (with the exception of Jean) would want to live this way. In my comments, Bob mentioned cobwebs. Well, I had done lots of cleaning before the ladies came, but as I was walking them through the house showing them my art, I noticed cobwebs on several paintings. Yikes! It is funny what you notice when you have company. We painted and ate cheese enchiladas for lunch – it was a very nice day. Good things come to those who wait, and someday my whole house will be finished, and it will be awesome.

Saturday, Toby and I walked the pasture between the house and the barn deciding where to plant the fruit trees that Toby ordered. We staked out the future orchard and made a trip to town for peat moss. I fixed lunch and went down for a power nap. Toby got out the tractor to do some chores. When I awoke from my nap, he was plowing up the garden area. Do you remember last spring when I was horrified at how big our garden was when all I said was, "I would like a few tomato plants?" Well, this year he plowed up about three times the size of last year’s garden. It could be a quarter of an acre this year. My eyes rolled back in my head, but I did not say a word.

Next, we started digging holes for the fruit trees – sixteen trees to be exact. We dug nine holes yesterday and planted nine trees. Yes, I can work post-hole diggers and a shovel. Yes, I am sore today, but I have to admit that the orchard is looking very nice. It is just getting me in shape to build my house…

There has been some debate on Valentine’s Day on a few of the blogs I read. Should we celebrate such a silly thing? Should we fall for the commercials and buy our lovers something or should we avoid the holiday as a commercial gimmick? For me, VD is just a reminder to show your love and appreciation to your special honey. Toby and I may or may not actually buy each other anything – nothing is expected. It has become a joke between us for him to ask me what I want for Valentine’s Day, and for me to laugh at him. It looks like this year I am getting an orchard. Hmm, maybe I should ask for a massage – my shoulders hurt.


Becky said...

Glad you had a good day painting.

My cousins have some pear and plum trees in their yard. The pear trees still bear fruit, but the plum trees haven't in years. I think it's because they never prune them. They don't believe in that. Their idea of pruning is to cut the things off to the ground and let them grow back from the root.

Fire Fox said...

I tried to grow apple trees once but I had to move before they were large enough to bear fruit. Hmmmm I wonder if the new residents took care of them? I have cobwebs on my cobwebs Lou... but I will clean clean clean when you come to visit!

Buck said...

Hmm, maybe I should ask for a massage – my shoulders hurt.

Massages are GOOD. They might be the thing I miss most about not being part of a pair, aside from the obvious. I gave as good as I got, too. Reciprocity, and all that. ;-)

Verification word: mushn. Or, what I turned into following a massage.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, I wonder if you have to prune a prune tree?

Fire Fox, speaking of visiting you...the art ladies were talking about taking a trip together and said they wanted to go to Cape Cod. I told them I had a place to stay.

Buck, I have always been a sucker for a back rub. "Butter" would be what I turn into after a massage.

GUYK said...

I do envy you the room for all those fruit trees and a big garden. That bow and arrow country clay is some rich soil but it can be a problem trying to keep loose enough to grow root crops.

Mezzo SF said...

Fruit trees sound lovely!! I would love to have some - but I don't have a yard of any shape or size. ONE DAY I shall. That, and bulit in floor-ceiling bookshelves. These are my pipe dreams!

Bag Blog said...

guyk, Oklahoma clay can be difficult, but it is better than northern NM rocks and short growing season.

Mezzo, I hear you on the bookshelves!