Tuesday, March 31, 2009


While in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago, my friend Janice took some family photos. She and Lindsay are actually quite the photographers. Jesse was with Lindsay and family for the photo shoot and was in several of the photos. I'm sure she took some photos for the family too - she has her uses. This photo was especially funny. They were posing in front of an old building. It just happened that Jesse was posed with the word "Bargain" behind her.

My photo upload issues has not been resolved. It seems that my photos get larger and larger and harder to make smaller. I stole this photo off of Janice's FaceBook page. I saved it over to My Pictures and checked the properties. it was 76.6KB. It uploads quickly and easily. Yesterday I took a pic of my puppies and tried to post it. It was 912KB on my Kodak Easy Share program. Then I opened and saved it to Paint, which made it a bit smaller 419KB, but still too large for me to upload with Hughes. So why do my photos get larger. I need to take a class on computer photo stuff. Although Jesse showed me how to ZapGrab and paste, which can make a photo smaller, I have not mastered the technique (old dog and new trick).


Buck said...

Methinks what you need is a good image editing program (or another ISP... but I know THAT ain't in the cards!). "Paint" ain't it, btw. My photos are typically two or three megabytes per shot; I "downsize" 'em for posting to the blog, mostly as a convenience for my readers, i.e., so the pic will fit in a single screen. My typical resize is 50% for landscape shots and 35% for portrait orientation. The other aspect to resizing is "quality," and that's a bit involved to go into in a comment... Suffice to say I use a mid-range quality factor.

For the record... I've used ACDsystems ACDSee for years and years, but you have to buy it. There are some freeware programs out there and Picasa is both free and a pretty good app, from what I hear.

As an example... here's their blurb on resizing.

I'd think about downloading Picasa and playing around with it. It's not hard to learn and I once thought about switching from ACDSee to Picasa but didn't... as there wasn't any real reason to do so... i.e., Picasa doesn't do anything ACDSee doesn't and I'm quite comfortable with ACDSee.

Drop me an e-mail if'n ya wanna...

Anonymous said...

Try Paint.net Its the freeware equivalent of Photoshop.


Bag Blog said...

Buck, I think you are right on the sizing software. I have tried using Picasa. In fact, I tried blogging from there. Although it let me upload photos, they disappeared later. Could have been a fluke of some sort and I should try again.

Bo, thanks, I will try anything.

Anonymous said...

Imageshack is a free online
image storage site.

When you go to upload a graphic,
you have a choice to re size
it automatically.

When the upload is done, you
can then copy the link and make
a link of the graphic.

Right click the resized picture
and save it back to your hard drive.
This might sound complicated, but
once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple.


Here is a photo of some flowers I took yesterday. The original size was 2736 x 3648 HUGE.
Image shack reduced it to
240 x 320 Nice manageable size.


xo xo
Deb in Ohio

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Deb, I will try anything.

Deployed Teacher said...

I stumbled upon Microsoft Office Picture Manager a while back, and it has served me well. Don't know if you have Office but it is "hidden" at: Start-Programs-Micro Office-Micro Office Tools-Pic Manager.

Allows for many adjustments. Why not use it, if you already use Office? Worth a try.

By the way, nice artwork, you're talented!

Bag Blog said...

Teacher, thanks for dropping by and the kind words on my art. I will give Microsoft office a look-see. And I love your blog.