Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two More Entries

Here are the next two entries for the SA card contest. As always, you can click on the pic to enlarge. Last year I was reading Chris's blog and found this photo. He gave me permission to use it. I just loved the care and gentleness of the soldier with the little Iraqi girl. I left out all of the medical equipment in and around the soldier and girl and focused on just them.
This painting was taken from a photo on Kaboom's blog. I believe it is Sgt Bulldog - for those of you who used to read his blog. Once again, the idea of these tough soldiers caring for Iraqi children is amazing and very paintable. Kaboom (wiki link) had to be the best milblog writer of all time, but he removed his total blog under orders, and he seems to have disappeared. Someday, I would like to see his blog published as a book, because it was great stuff.


Skybag said...

I think I like SGT Bulldog's painting the best!

Word verification - bawoone - sounds like a good dog name.

Buck said...

Yet more great work, Lou. Thanks for posting these.

joyce said...

Wow---I like the top one of the Army doctor or Army nurse helping the Iraqi girl. We have a nephew in Iraq for one more month of a year deployment. He is six foot six inches tall, and an Army nurse.

Towanda said...

Love all the paintings, Lou. As a retired nurse, I am partial to the one of the soldier and the little Iraqi girl. You captured the caring in this scene so well!

Bag Blog said...

Joyce, your nephew is one tall nurse.

Towanda, that is what drew me to paint that photo.

Buck and all, thanks again for the kind words.

Jo Castillo said...

Sorry I haven't been around, reading but not commenting. No time, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late ... is my tune. These cards are just beautiful and tell wonderful stories. You have done well!

Debra Estep said...

Hello Lou,

I'm new to your blog, as I got here via a post Chris has made about your art work.

~Breathtaking~ ...

You paint healing with your artist's brush !!! Bless You !!!

xo xo
Proud Air Force Mom