Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little Disappointed

I love visiting with family, as we were able to do at C&C’s wedding. Meeting new people is always fun, and Catherine’s family was as wonderful and easy to talk to as she is. But the one thing I was hoping for and was a bit disappointed in at the wedding was the lack of "old" friends – the ones from RR. Why would I think that there would be lots of old friends from RR? The wedding was actually for family and close friends – a small party to celebrate C&C’s union. It was a perfect celebration. My expectations are what let me down. I did enjoy seeing John and Susie Whatley and getting to visit (in person rather than my blog) with them. Whatley has always been sentimental and a sucker for a reunion. He is great to take time from his busy life and see old friends – it is what I love about him. It was also good to see Mike Hearne and Carmen Acciaioli, one of his long time band members. Mike was a bit sentimental as he dedicated his songs to old friends. I did think he was hitting on Jesse, but who wouldn’t hit on her? Bill Hearne was suppose to be at the wedding and sing a few songs, but he got waylaid by the weather. Bill’s wife, Bonnie, was there, and she played the piano and sang with the band. I was disappointed that she did not do any solos – she has always been one of my favorites. When I am feeling a bit nostalgic, I put on one of her CD’s and listen to songs like "Wild Geese." Bear and Anny did not make it to the wedding as we had planned, but I will see them sometime soon. Nope, that was about it for RR folk. I guess it was quite a ways to expect people to travel. I did get to see family members that I had not seen in years and that was great. I got to meet Catherine’s family, and they were wonderful. I can foresee many enjoyable times with them.

On Sunday morning before we left Austin, we went by Threadgill’s for brunch. It was a much quieter atmosphere than some of the meeting places that we attended during the wedding weekend. We were able to do some serious getting-to-know-each-other with C&C’s friends and family. It was there that Bill Hearne showed up. It was so good to see him. He seemed glad to see Toby and me too – lots of hugs! The real surprise was that it was Kent Black who brought Bill to the brunch. I had not seen Kent in about 30 years (back in the days we went to SWTSU). It has been even longer than that since he was a jeep driver in RR. I remember having a bit of a crush on Kent – he was tall, blonde, and handsome back then. He was also very quiet and well mannered for a jeep driver. He was one of the young men mentioned here. He has now retired as a lawyer in Austin and has gone back to running the family business – Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart, TX - a very famous eating establishment. It was great seeing Kent.

Some day there needs to be a jeep driver reunion – maybe a kidnap breakfast. Hmm, have I never blogged about the famous Kidnap Breakfasts in RR?


Mrs. Bear said...

As you were sharing your heart of not seeing people I was thinking the same thing...that we really need to plan a time when we (old RR friends) can get together for just us. I also was thinking that for us that night, wasn't it a shame that we didn't make it to the wedding and dance...I was very disappointed to not get there, but I had been up since 5am and I guess we just ran out of steam (which is a sad thing also..old) I would have LOVED to have seen all the people you's almost as if we had to stay with and support the new part of our family and friends (who we also love and adore) and our tried and true family and friends got left out...don't like that at all.

Catherine MacDermott said...

Lou, I'm so glad my family got to finally meet YOU (and all the other wonderful Baggetts, Barkers, and Traves!). I have talked so much about you all that I'm sure they felt like they had known you for years. They LOVED the opportunity to be together and to see all the wonderful personalities up close and personal!

I was also sad that Bill and Bonnie could not sing together at the wedding. They performed an amazing, private house concert for us Sunday afternoon after our meal at Threadgills. I cried -- one, because they were so amazing and two, because everyone else could not hear them. We had planned the wedding music for so long - to be so perfect and just right -- ah, but as they say, "the best laid plans..." Nonetheless, it was beautiful and now I'm MRS BARKER!!!!

Now...please do tell about the kidnap breakfast!

John said...'re right Lou...I do love reunions, especially anything to do with my friends I met back in the '70's in RR. I did miss seeing Annie and Bear. It has been 18 years or so since I saw them living in RR beside Leroy. Like I said...Annie probably doesn't remember me, but it would have been good to see them.

About reunions...Lou, do you remember when I set up our 20th Jeep driver reunion in 1995? Craig came up to Dallas and we drove to RR together. We only had us two and Smith and Gorsich, but it was great. I tried to get Bradley and Gary but was not successful. However, Janetta and you were in RR and I saw a bunch of other people that we both know. It is rather hard as you know to set one of these up. You guys have your Barker reunions every year or so and Susie and I loved going to one of those around 5 years ago.

Is that the "Kent" who drove for Bill Burch? If it is, he was a great guy and I remember him very well. As far as the "kidnap breakfasts", I remember you (and I think Patty) or someone, waking me
up in the trailer I lived in with Gator and going to that in '75. What I great time that was...for all the girls in RR to wake up the "heatherns" in the wee morning hours and treat us to a huge homemade breakfast. Was'nt it at Reds?

Anyway, you always know how to punch my "buttons" to get me to thinking about RR. Now, I will be listening to some old RR music all day. Take care...John

P.S. was great to finally meet you. I'm sorry that Susie and I didn't sit and visit with you, but you and Craig had your hands full with the wedding. We enjoyed it very, very much and look forward to seeing you and Craig in the near future.

Buck said...

Ummm... you know how you feel when you find yourself inadvertently eavesdropping on a private conversation between good old friends (think: in the bar)? That would be me, now.

But... it's a great good thing to be able to share such, vicariously.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, but you would fit in so well. You know there are always new people - wives, husbands, etc. Life never stays the same, but with your talent for making friends and being such the gentleman, scholar, and diplomat, you would have a great time at a RR reunion. And the fact that you like beer and music is good too.

Ma Barker, I mean Mrs. Barker, visiting with your family was a treat. I did not get to visit with Cade much, but I will corner him and tell him lots of "Craig stories" for ammunition.

Anny, I think not seeing you and Bear was a bigger disappointment than I had thought. You guys are just so darn much fun - It is amazing to watch Toby revert to his old, silly ways when he sees Bear. Next time!

Whatley, Kent Black drove for several years - maybe starting in about 1973 - not sure though. I will write about the kidnap breakfast one of these days.

Mrs. Bear said...

John!!! Are you kidding I remember you. We gotta get a reunion sorry we missed you guys at the I emailed Lou, the wedding we were at was crazy and my daughter and daughter-in-law ended up with some very interesting pictures of them being taken....(I just had to sit back and say...Oh My!!)Lou if you will send me John's email I will forward some pictures. And yes we ARE still fun...