Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Report

We got some much-needed rain over the weekend putting out any lingering fires. Thanks for all your care and concern. Friday I did some cleaning at Janice's house in Velma. It was filled with soot and smoke from the fires, which came right up to her house. After renting that house for 16 years, on Friday afternoon Janice signed the papers and bought it. Congrats Janice! This was in the plans, but when the fire almost took her house the day before she signed the papers, it left Janice wondering just what God was trying to tell her. We all decided that since the house did not burn, it was meant to be hers. It always seems odd to see the scorched land with green treetops. Spring can be so beautiful here in OK, but it can be deadly.

Toby’s family celebrated his mother’s 79th birthday on Saturday. Toby and I took the GGs to WF giving their mother a chance to do some shopping before we all met for the birthday party. The girls were great – as usual.

We had a rather quiet Easter Sunday. The weather was a bit rainy in the morning, but the sun did come out towards the afternoon. Here is my Easter message in a nutshell. Christ is not on the cross. He is not in the grave, but He is risen and seated in the heavenly as a great high priest once and for all. The old has past away. He made all things new. There is power in the resurrection now.

I watched the news this morning that Capt. Phillips was safe and several pirates were dead – thanks to Navy Seals. I know that Obama will receive praise for his part, but I think that Navy Seals and our military are the heroes.

It is shaping up to be a busy week – must head to town for supplies.


Buck said...

I know that Obama will receive praise for his part, but I think that Navy Seals and our military are the heroes.

The Right-o-sphere is just going NUTS over this. I hate to say this, but I'm seeing the equivalent of Bush Derangement Syndrome from my friends on the right. Granted, there's lots and lots of reasons to dislike what The One is doing, but Dang! Give it a rest every once in a while... (none of that is aimed at you, Lou, just some of the folks I read)

[::kicks soapbox off to the side::]

It rained all day and half the night here on Saturday... and then rained some more (lightly) Sunday. We needed it, but I felt bad for the nine-to-fivers. Today is just beautiful, though!

Becky said...

Glad the fires are out. It rained all day long here.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I have not seen anything from the right bloggers. Giving the go-ahead to the Navy was a good thing, but those Seals were most impressive.

Becky said...

Um, Obama did NOT "give the go ahead". It was the Navy commander who made the decision to rescue the captain. At the time it happened, Obama had still not made any commitment one way or the other. Now, of course, he's taking the credit for it, but he did not make the decision.