Monday, April 06, 2009

Whipping Winds Weakend

This is another small 4x6 painting I did last week with my art friends. The Art Guild is setting up a booth at a local event in two weeks. My art friends and I decided to paint some small cards, which we think will sell easier than large paintings.

The weekend was not very exciting. Toby and I ran over to Lawton to do some errands and had lunch at Los Tres Amigos. Saturday was actually fairly warm, but the wind has been terrible - whipping over the plains. You can go to Jesse's blog and see photos of the Renaissance Fair. Notice that she and her friends are wearing short sleeves. Toby and I started off in sweatshirts, but soon went to T-shirts. After kicking around Lawton, Toby had to do some end of the month closing stuff at H, but he dropped me at home first. Me and the dogs took a big dog nap. Sunday a cold front blew in and was miserable. Not only was the wind howling, the temps dropped to freezing overnight. This morning is cold and windy. I am so ready for warmer weather.

Tomorrow I pick up Mom and her friends at DFW. They are returning from their month long trip to Australia. I can't wait to hear their stories and see what all they bought - not to mention their photos. One of mom's friends emailed that they were going to have to leave their old clothes in Australia to have room for their new purchases. I doubt that is far from the truth.

Also, I have to take Buddy, the toy Fox Terrier, to Mom. He is supposed to be her dog, but we have been keeping him this last month. I have grown rather attached to him - he is a sweet little dog. He and Jack, the Red Healer, are great entertainment romping through the house. Outside, they are even more fun. Jack heals (bites the butt) all the dogs. Buddy takes it all in stride and tries to keep up with the herd, but Zoe, the Great Dane, gets a bit tired of a puppy biting her heals. Ranger, the spoiled Rat Terrier, can't wait to get rid of the competition. I think Jack will miss Buddy.


Mrs. Bear said...

I went to the pics on Jesse's you think anyone can climb that rope ladder? It's got to be some physics problem that can be worked out on paper or something!!! LOL

Buck said...

It's been cold and windy here, as well. We were into the mid-20s overnight the last couple of nights and only hit 50 for a high yesterday. Our winds have been fierce, too... making it not nice to be outside. I'm with you... where's the WARM weather?

What did you do to fix your upload issue? I'm glad you did it, whatever it was. The larger photos are much more pleasing.

Becky said...

Love the painting. We had to deal with the strong winds last night, and are supposed to drop below freezing tonight, too.

Inquiries said...

Aww the puppies are cute. Thats how Sydney lays with Xena or Chandler if he lets her

Bag Blog said...

Ashley, I'm telling you - you will love this puppy. From what you have told me, he will remind you of Sydney.

Becky, good luck with the cold weather and wind. I'm about tired of it.

Buck, the photo thing is hit or miss. Who knows how or why it works sometimes and not at other times. Yesterday I posted the puppy photo without changing a thing. It seems when I edit/crop them in any way and then save them, they get larger. Since I was not doing that to this photo, I just tried uploading it straight from Koday Easy Share like I used to always do. It worked. Then just for the heck of it, I cropped the painting and tried it - not expecting it to work, but it did. Go figure!

Jo Castillo said...

The two painting cards are great. I think you are right about sales. Good luck on the show.

Your granddaughters sound so neat. It is wonderful that you can see and enjoy them.

The weather has been so weird. We had 36 last night and the low tonight is to be around 60. Ah, me.