Thursday, June 18, 2009

Full Day with the Painted Ladies

Yesterday was a full day with the Painted Ladies. We met a little earlier than usual at Glenna’s house out on Lake Waurika for some blackberry picking. Oklahoma blackberries are just pretty darn good, but picking them is the pits. With temperatures soaring in June, bugs in abundance, and thorns longer than any rose bush, I really don’t like picking berries. I didn’t want to be the party pooper, so I sucked it up and did my part. After spraying lots of bug killin’ chemicals on myself, I felt fairly safe from the creepy-crawly varmints. Fortunately I did not see any snakes, but the threat was real enough – I just did not let my mind go there as I thrashed through the bushes. We picked berries until my clothes were soaked in sweat and my arms looked like I had been fighting with my ninja kitten – blood, sweat, and tears! The good news is that Glenna has a swimming pool. So as the Junk Diva says, we went Chunky Dunking – that is where old fat ladies all dive in the pool to cool off. I did a cannonball into the pool – refreshing! Glenna’s nine-year old grandson was visiting and joined in all the fun – I think I am in love. He was just cute and fun and quite the gentleman. He let me take a picture of him for painting reference. After a wonderful lunch in Glenna’s beautiful kitchen, we spent the afternoon painting. The Painted Ladies finished their second group painting.
Here is the original photo, which we quartered and each painted a section.
Here is a photo of all our four paintings. It is fun to see how they all come together. Be sure and look at the individual paintings, because they are just too cool to miss.


AirmanMom said...

GREAT post!
love it!

Buck said...

re: blackberry picking. You're SUCH a good sport! Bugs and snakes and thorns... any one of which... would be enough to put me off, even if there was the promise of free beer and a dip in the pool at rainbow's end.

That ol' Ford certainly looks like it has some serious history bundled up in it. And all y'all captured its essence quite well, IMHO.

Mrs. Bear said...

Blackberry picking...I feel your inlaws have blackberrys and the thorns are horrible!!! But here is the good news...if you can get enough to put up in the freezer they sure are good on top of ice cream. And I love the cannon ball effect!!! You should have been here last night in the kitchen...I went to the Painted Lady YouTube site and Brian and I sang along at the top of our lungs...while Brian was in the shower I clicked on Watermelon Man...Brian sang every word perfect while in the shower!!!!

Becky said...

We used to have blackberries, but James mowed them all down for some reason. Now we just have blueberries.

I love the painting.

Jo Castillo said...

Ahhh, what a great day! Scratches and all. The paintings are just super. That is a fun exercise!

Bag Blog said...

You're right! I should have asked for the free beer.

Anny, Did your sister-in-laws let you have any berries this year?

You made it sound like he mowed down the blackberries and now they are blueberries.

It was a fun day. The scratches will heal.

Airman Mom,
Thanks. We do try and have fun around here.

Doc said...

Those paintings are way too cool, Lou. How big? They would be great separated by some distance but on the same big wall. Nice!

Bag Blog said...

The individual paintings are 5x6 inches. I was planning on matting and putting them in a 20x16 frame.

Towanda said...

Wow - Glenna's grandson is a doll. He is going to be a real charming lady killer someday.

Love her kitchen too -- I love to see women who cook in their bare feet like I do.

The truck painting is very cool.

Anonymous said...

... wow, what an excellent idea for a painting!...