Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday at the Lake

Sunday we went to the lake. Jeramie proposed to Rebekah. She said yes - no surprise there.

The floating island was fun. Here is the yellow kayak in front of the island.

We had two catamarans to play with along with the two kayaks. Here are the two Jesse's.
Here is another duo - the newlyweds.

Sometimes it was a bit chaotic at the shore with everyone shuffling around for the big toys.

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Buck said...

Nice pics. It looks pretty warm!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

ahhhhhhh...FINALLY! That is the best thing i've heard this morning!

Bag Blog said...

It was warm, but not unbearable. It was the humidity that was yuck. The water was great.

Yep, I wonder if I was suppose to say anything yet.

Mrs. Bear said...

Looks like fun!!! We just took our boat to the boat Doctor...I believe the key word for our boat would be "vintage" Some what glad it is out of our driveway!!!! Congrats to the newly engaged couple...she looks so young!!! Or maybe she looks young cause I'm old...hummm We had a newly engaged couple at church yesterday...sparkly ring!!!

Becky said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

JimmyT said...

Looks like fun, I used to sail myself in fact I used to Race sailboats. Go figure from a guy out of New Mexico!! Both aircraft carriers I served on carried sunfish and sunflower sail boats and there was a "Yacht Club" on both boats that I belonged to. We would check the boats out virtually every port-o-call we made. It was fun.

BTW - Thanks for the kind words you left for me over at Buck's place.

BT: Jimmy T sends.

Bag Blog said...

Jimmy T,
Thanks for dropping by. I love your stories. I grew up in the mountains of Northern NM and didn't even learn to swim until I was a teen-ager. This sailing thing is a totally new for me. And my husband grew up in West Texas and Eastern NM (Hobbs). He was not used to water either, but loves it.

JimmyT said...

My Mother was from northern New Mexico (Tierra Amarilla in fact) and her Mother continued to live there after everyone moved south (Albuquerque or Espanola). I will have to tell you sometime about where I as born, not your conventional birth but it was on the way up to TA. I used to spend my summers up there, it was a great place. Almost all gone now.

Enjoy the sailing, it takes a little getting used to, kind of un-natural for us Land-Lubbers!!

BT: Jimmy T sends.