Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Report - Not as expected

Saturday’s Dehydrator Bike Ride did not go as well as expected. Around 26 miles into the race, Toby had a flat and then ruined the valve on his new tube while changing the flat – race over. I picked him up south of Comanche. He was disappointed, but 26 miles was a good showing. After he had lunch and rested a bit, we went to WF. I always call Mom as we hit the road to give her our ATA. When I called, she told me that two of my cousins and their families were in town. Although they just live in the Dallas area, it had been a few years since I had seen them. Life is funny that way. We always say we are going to get together more often, but we never seem to make it happen.

Jesse’s noodling did not go as expected either. After spending all day down on the Red River, they caught nothing. I think she was rather bored with the filming. Jesse said it was just hot! She was disappointed that she did not get to see the cousins in WF – due to miscommunications. Saturday was a bit of a disappointment all around.

Sunday evening we went to Piper’s for some great food, good fellowship, and the Prosecutor’s birthday. She turned five. We got to set out on the new deck.
The kids did some swimming, while the parents visited. I spent lots of time visiting with the Diva, since we have not had much time together lately. It was a very nice evening.
GBN1, HRHTDP, The Prosecutor.
Lighting of the cupcakes.
Eating of the cupcakes.
Grown-up Princesses.
A taste of what could be…


Buck said...

Wow... sorry about the Dehydrator. It's not good when one's equipment lets ya down.

Great pics yet again... and it looks like Sunday made up for Saturday's disappointments, the good visit with your Mom and the cousins aside, of course.

Mrs. Bear said...

OK all you single guys out in cyber space....Have you taken time to look at Miss Jessie? Are you guys blind to beauty and purity?

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Thanks for being here...wouldn't have been the same without you...i know The Prosecutor will remember this night for a long time, and you all being here with her to celebrate it.