Monday, August 17, 2009

The Usual Busy Weekend

Although I carried my camera with me all weekend, I took few photos. The reasons could be that it was just too busy for photos or possibly it was that the weekend was not very exciting or possibly both. The wedding shower Friday night was fun, unconventional, but fun. Because it was a "display shower" no gifts were wrapped – so there was no sitting around watching someone open gifts – the gifts were set on tables for everyone to view. Other tables were set up for food and fellowship. It was just like a big party. Here is Jesse and some of the young people – good-looking group, huh!

Saturday morning, Toby drove the truck to town, met up with Jan, and then they rode their bikes back to the house. I joined up with them here at the house and rode back into town. Jan, being young and athletic, left us behind to hurry back to town and meet up with Jesse and others for some mountain climbing in the Wichitas. My bike ride into town was quite pleasant. Toby treated me to breakfast at Mickey D’s. Later, we headed over to WF to run some errands and have lunch with Mom. We were back in OK in time for Lindz birthday dinner – good food and friends. It sounds like all we did was eat on Saturday.

Sunday after church we took the GGs to the greasy spoon for some chicken and curly fries – the GGs’ favorite. Then it was home for a nap and some house cleaning. Since Bo is studying for his CPA exam and my DIL has been sick, we picked up the GGs Sunday evening and took them to the park where Jesse and friends were playing volleyball. The Piper was there and had the Prosecutor with him – GBN1’s best friend. Here is GBN1 showing off her new scooter to the Prosecutor. We didn’t really get to play VB. Toby and I ran the girls around the park until we were good and tired – hopefully helping out their parents for a little while. We took the GGs home dirty and tired and jabbering excitedly like little monkeys. Toby and I fell into bed about 10 PM. The weekend was nothing exciting, but it was certainly a full weekend.


Buck said...

Here is Jesse and some of the young people – good-looking group, huh!

Such great smiles! I think one way to tell a group of Americans from groups of any other nationality is the fact we all seem to have such great teeth. And "they" say our health care system is broke... :D

Your weekend sounds fun, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

I had similar thoughts on the smiles and teeth. Although, I think OK has some of the worst teeth in the nation. My theory is that the Indian health care system is not so good - socialized medicine.