Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's for Supper

I wish I could say that the last several days since the HHH had been quiet days at home catching up on all that needs to be done around here. But no, they have been very busy days. Monday was spent in town running errands. I taught private drawing lessons to a lady in town on Monday. Then I made a big trip to Wal-Mart. I did have a pedicure while I was there, but it was a necessity and not just a luxury (yeah right, I loved every minute of my time in the chair.) By the time I got home late in the afternoon, it was time to fix supper. Tuesday, I had a doctor’s appointment and then drove to WF to take Toby’s bike tire to be fixed. I had lunch with Mom, which was a good time. Before I left town, my cousin, Ted, called wanting to talk to me about a family reunion next summer – so I spent an hour with him. I love Cousin Ted, and I want to see the rest of my cousins, but next summer is a long way away. Once again, I did not get home until late afternoon and was dead tired. For some reason Toby has been starving when he comes in from work wanting dinner on the table. It could be that I told him I was going to get back on the diet – that always seems to make him hungry – some sort of Freudian thang. I fixed fajitias Monday night and last night he wanted pasta (not on the diet, but easy to do). Here is a shot of the veggies I poured over the pasta. All but the mushrooms came from my garden.

Today is my day to paint with the Ladies and I do look forward to it even though it means I need to get going right now and won’t be home until late this afternoon. I also have another appointment with the doc – all just yearly stuff and no problemas. Here is a shot of Jesse heading off to the "Lime Light Awards." She did not win best supporting actress, but she did look lovely. She was very proud that she found that dress at Arlene’s Clothesline – vintage stuff is always fun. Jes has a similar photo at her blog.


Buck said...

For some reason Toby has been starving when he comes in from work wanting dinner on the table.

(sigh) I remember those days. And to think that once upon a time in the way-back.. the WAY-way back... I snapped at The First Mrs. Pennington when she called me at work to ask what I wanted for dinner: "I don't care... fix whatever you want." In my defense, she called EVERY day. She was only being considerate and loving but the calls DID get old. I could use a lil bit of that kinda love nowadays.

I think your photo of Jess is better than the one she posted. Mainly coz we get a full view of the dress, which is a pretty cool lil item for a thrift store purchase!

And those veggies! YES! And now we've come full-circle: back to food. :D

MezzoSF said...

I am jealous of your garden veggies!! have a garden. Or anything other than concrete as is the current situation! Will have to look into changing that!

Jo Castillo said...

The veggies look great, yummmmm. Jesse is just beautiful in the blue dress. That is fun....