Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Report - Bikes and Bloggers

Although Toby was home Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we did not get much done around the Lazy B. That may have accounted for his weird mood last night (he values weekends by how much work we do - I value weekends by how much fun we have). I don’t know for sure. I bailed on him and went to a get-together with my good friends, The Diva and Janice – to name a few. Actually Jesse’s crowd of church friends met for some volleyball and wiener roast. I tagged along knowing that other mothers would be there. We sat around like a bunch of hens and cackled. What fun! Then it got cold outside and I was ready to come home. Next week is camp and I am trying to save my strength for some non-stop volleyball, lots of fellowship and time with the GGs. Every Oct our whole church goes camping in the Wichita Mountains - look back at past October blogs for photos.

Saturday, we went to The City to do some bike shopping for Jesse. She decided that she needed a better bicycle to get more serious in her bike rides - never mind that she rides circles around me while I am on my road bike and she is on her dad’s old, mountain bike. She bought herself a new Specialized road bike (red) and will now be able to circle me twice! Maybe I need to get more serious too.

After bike shopping, we dropped Jes off at the rock-climbing place – old grain elevator converted to rock climbing area. Jesse met up with her coworker crowd to do some rock climbing, eating out, and a movie. We watched some climbers scurry up the outside of the silos – not my cup of tea. Jesse seems to really like that sort of thing. Maybe she will post some photos.

On Sunday after church, we met up with blogger buddy, Guyk and his wife, who are visiting relatives in the area. Guy and his wife were great. I really enjoyed visiting with them and hope to do more so before they head back East. Not only is Guy from this Okie area, he is originally from Archer City (Last Picture Show) which is where lots of my relatives originated. Lordy, we are probably related. I really thought we might be related when he took off his hat and was bald, and he had blue eyes – kind of reminded me of this guy. Toby teased me - saying I was getting more like my dad and that I was part of the Old Farts Blogging Group. Dad did love his OFGs.

Speaking of being like someone. Most people think that GBN1 is just like me. She isn't. We do have some things in common - like laughing and being silly. But people think she is like me because she is a bit of a "strong willed" child, getting into trouble lots. That really is not me. GBN2, on the other hand, is a bit more like me. Yesterday as we walked into church, Bo was carrying GBN2 out of church for some discipline (didn't even make it through church). When they came back in, I could tell that GBN2 was not "over it" yet and still wanted to fight. It was like looking in a mirror. Toby saw it too. He knows how long it takes for me to get over something and how bad I want to fight sometimes. The trick is to make her laugh - I know this.

This week could be busy. I’m down to less than a month for the DAG art show. I have paintings to do, pictures to frame, and the show to coordinate. Blogging may be light unless something exciting happens.


Buck said...

Toby teased me - saying I was getting more like my dad and that I was part of the Old Farts Blogging Group.

Ahem. :p

Don't feel bad about judging things by your Fun-O-Meter... I do that all the time. To excess, actually, but I don't feel bad about it!

GUYK said...

We had a great time Lou. Maybe next time the other place will be open...maybe we can met you there for supper some night before we head back to the land of sonny beaches