Saturday, November 14, 2009

2009 Art Show

The art show went off well last night. We probably had twice as many people at the reception as we have had in past years – and we sold 13 paintings! We still have the rest of the weekend to go, but usually it is opening night that the paintings sell. We had lots of positive response to the show. Because I was the coordinator and up close and personal with the show, I saw room for improvement – live and learn. Last night was rather busy and neither Jes nor I had much time for photographs, but here are a few. I will take some more of the other winners’ paintings today while I baby-sit the show.
Jesse won third place with her b&w photo of GBN2. That is also her photo of our house at dusk. Someone asked, "Is that a dug-out?" I answered, "Yeah." I won first place in pastels with my "Whitney." The judge almost picked Jesse’s pastel for third – I had to bite my tongue not to persuade her. Personally, Jesse’s pastel should have won.
Here is Kat, Jes, and me. Here is Toby manning the wine - he did not make that mess.

I was disappointed in the judging of the oils, which I did not participate in that category. The judge, who is a well-known artist here in town, chose three paintings that look exactly like her own work and style and exactly like each other (I’ll photograph them today and show you later). Although each of the pieces was nice, it was just a lack of variety - as if the judge was saying, "my style is the best." I learned some other things too, and will share later.


Buck said...

GREAT pics... and congrats to both you and Jess on your awards.

re: dugout. Heh. Nice comeback! Most of the time it's best to let the clue-free remain so.

Catherine MacDermott said...

Congratulations to both you and Jesse! Really great work - both with lots of soulfulness - you can tell the artists had a real connection with the subjects they were painting.

PS my word verification is "celogr" -- makes me hungry for celery!

Jo Castillo said...

Looks and sounds like a great show. Congrats to you two on awards. The portrait is great!!! Love that bartender! Gene always likes to do that. Sounds and looks like fun.