Monday, November 09, 2009

And the Wall Came Down

No, not that wall, but Buck posted a wonderful documentary on the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Toby has been working to bust a hole in the foundation of our house before we start the next phase of building. This hole will be used to add central heat to the old part of the house from the new part. For the past four years, we have used one little wall heater, and it has done a heck of a job. Quilts and blankets were helpful too. Back before Jesse went to work, she did quite a bit of sewing and quilting. Ah, those were the days! I do miss having her around the house more, and I was a bit whiney about it last night. But she is a "Goin’ Jesse" and I cannot seem to slow her down. She finished her pastel last night. I would show you the finished project, but I think she plans on giving it to someone special, if it does not sell at the art show. And no, that "someone special" is not what you think. Hmm, my mind is rambling.

We stayed around the house this weekend getting some things done to prepare for the backhoe that is coming today to start the footer trench. Yeah, I’m excited! I will be taking pictures to mark the occasion – the starting of my house! It reminds me of when we built our house in NM. Toby had a backhoe contractor that he used now and then at the landfill. He was known as Juan Loco. Toby sent Juan to dig the footer for our addition. Juan Loco got a bit carried away and dug an amazing ditch, which we had to fill in later due to its depth. I remember standing there looking at the moat around our house and calling Toby when I saw the ditch, and I asked him if I could just bury Juan Loco in the ditch since it was plenty deep. Juan meant well. Later he brought his backhoe over to help us put the big beams up on the walls. This was a big help since we had no way to lift the 26'- 4x8 beams that made our ceiling. Big Bear came to help us, too (everyone in NM has an alias). I was wearing my canvas nail apron at the time and mentioned that I would like to have a leather tool belt someday. Big Bear looked at Toby and said, "You mean you missed a chance to put your woman in leather!?" Toby went out and bought me a leather tool belt soon after that.

Sunday was a bit slower around here. We went to church where GBN2 got up at least four times to go "potty." She waved to the crowd in her queenly way before skipping down the hall to the restroom. Ah, the joys of potty training and training your child to sit through church! You can just see the little light go off over her head when she thinks, "Hey, if I say I have to potty, I get to get up and move around. And if I actually potty in the toilet, I get candy!" After church, she was sitting in our truck adjusting every knob and gadget she could reach pretending to drive the truck. When her daddy said it was time to go, she decided she was not going, and she held on to the steering wheel with all her might. We had to pry her little fingers from the wheel, which did not make her happy. Bo, in his usual understating way said, "Good grip, huh!"

The art show is this week – could be a busy time.


Buck said...

(everyone in NM has an alias)

Not EVERYONE. But then again, I'm a recent import. But then again, again, I might have a nickname and not know it. That is entirely possible. Probable, even.

Congrats on the new beginnings... and thanks for the linky-lurve!

Jo Castillo said...

The clamping on the steering wheel made me laugh. Gene drank to much one time at a dance and wouldn't get out of a friend's truck that needed to leave. No one could get him to turn loose of the gear shift. Finally the guy said, well just give me 5 bucks and I'll leave you alone and of course Gene obliged and turned loose of the gear shift and all was over. Ha.

Love your stories.....