Monday, April 19, 2010

Old T-Shirts

Since I posted Jesse in her Air Force T-shirt last week, BR commented that she needed a Navy shirt. Well, she does have one - it is a hand-me-down shirt that I picked up at a Tailhook convention is LV, and it is about 20 years old. She does not wear it often - very thin. First pictured here.
She also has an Army T-shirt which she got from one of her soldiers - she was a Soldier's Angel at the time (first pictured here). She still hears from that particular soldier from time to time and wears the T-shirt often. The Marines have failed to come through with a T-shirt or maybe they just don't have any good ones - T-shirts that is.

This is a photo that has been posted on FaceBook recently of Texas Red's girls at Janetta's funeral. The girl on my right is my friend Jodi, who was also at the above mentioned Tailhook convention - as was Janetta. A fourth friend who was at the convention, Joy, was not a TR's girl and is not pictured here, but was at the funeral. It was good to see old friends. I think we are a pretty good lookin' group of ladies. You should have seen is back in the old days!


Staci said...

I don't have any old (or new) military tees, but I do have several from concerts that I went to in the 1980's. I've been lugging them around from place to place since then. I think we probably paid about $10 for each - now they'd be at least $40.

Great picture of all the girls!

Buck said...

I think we are a pretty good lookin' group of ladies.

I'll second that! There's some pretty danged lucky men associated with this group, methinks.

re: tees. I don't have too many USAF tees left... they all pretty much got worn out. I really miss my ol' BUFF (B-52) shirt. That was the one I used to wear to the coffee shops in Berkeley on Sunday mornings just to antagonize hippies. It worked, too.

Bag Blog said...

You are such a boat rocker - that is probably why I enjoy you so much.

I used to have a jillion beer shirts from different events in Red River - beer folk will sponsor anything. But I eventually got rid of them or wore them out. My favorite was a tequilla t-shirt from a chilli cook-off and margarita contest. It had a big parrot on it.

John said...

Is that Kim Hall in the back with the white turtle-neck sweater on? I believe I see her sister also. Also, I believe that is Nancy Gale in blue in the front row...right? A lot of other faces look familiar but names are escaping me.

Jo Castillo said...

Wonderful stories here the past few posts. Sorry to have been AWOL. I love your "odd mood" paintings. Beautiful. I'm trading lessons with a friend so may learn a little about watercolors after all! Take care, Jo

Buckskins Rule said...

Well...I guess an airedale shirt is better than nothing, although I think a Silent Service shirt would look so much better. Guess I'm just hard to please :)

Yes, indeed, an absolutely fine looking set of ladies, if I do say so myself.