Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Report and Janetta Tales

Many times in my life I have tried to keep a journal/diary type thing, but I have never kept one up for any length of time – certainly not over one month. This blog has been my journal for five years. Why I keep at it, I don’t know. I find something satisfying about it, and I have made some good friends. Now and then I post something that upsets folk, and I have moments where I want to chuck it all. Yet, there is a part of me that wants to say, "Get over it! This is my blog!" but then I (slowly) work through things. I have been known to go back and delete things or "fix" my posts, but under my breath I am mumbling, "Well, it did happen. That’s the way I saw it. If you don’t like it, quit reading. Etc." Trust me, there are things that I do not post. Yeah, I can show restraint now and then. I had one of those moments this last week where I wanted to chuck it all. It took me a while to work through it, and then there was the weekend. Now I need to catch you up on thangs.
Last Wed. Jesse, my DIL, the GGs, and I went with Great Grandma to see Disney on Ice over in WF. All princesses had a grand time.
My vertigo problem of last week went away as quickly as it came. I really think it was an inner ear problema, but who knows. Since I have recently done some medical tests and my doctor pronounced me healthy as a horse, I doubt my dizziness was very serious. Just in case, I think I will dye my hair brown.

Saturday Jes and I had a shopping day in The City. You know how I love to get off with my girl – just the two of us. Sunday we just took it easy around here. Spring is here. The redbud trees are beautiful and things are greenin’ up. Toby had a tick on him last night – sure sign of spring. We switched out the winter clothes for summer clothes – a large undertaking. I still have more switching to do – similar to spring cleaning, but it sure feels good. It has been a cold winter.

I do have some sad news. My longtime, good friend, Janetta, passed away on Saturday. She had had some health issues in the past years and finally succumbed to them. Because Janetta was always about fun, I don’t want to think of her and be sad. I want to think of the million funny stories of her, the giving person that she was, and the smile that was always on her face - the Gill Grin. I worked for Janetta one winter at her property management company. She never had a harsh word toward aanyone as far as I know and went out of her way to make everyone happy. Often she would take things from her own house, like a pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, etc. to some ridiculous tourist who wanted to know why his condo did not have whatever. After one particular crazy day of trying to please tourists with all their needs and even starting a fire for one guy who could not figure out how to do it himself (I worried that he would burn down the condos. I believe he was a doctor from Midland, TX) I became irate and yelled at Janetta, "Good Grief! Do you turn back the covers and tuck these people in bed, too!" She just smiled and said, "Chill Lou."

Another time, we were sitting at our desks working and answering phones. Janetta had had several calls from local friends inviting her to play cards, or come to this party or that, or do whatever – all on the same day. Finally, I said, "Janetta do you realize that you have told at least four different people that you would be there, and there is no way you can be at all those places at the same time?!" She smiled the Gill smile and said, "But I want to do it all." And that was Janetta. She wanted to do fun things. She wanted to please people. She had that laid-back easy way about her that she could get away with anything - and did.
Janetta loved to shop. She bought things whether she needed them or not (my favorite Janetta story shares another shopping tale here). Her kitchen cabinets were full of all sorts of food. One time our friend, Kathy, who was 30-something and pregnant for the first time, was going through Janetta’s kitchen opening cabinets and searching for a snack. Janetta stood there and watched Kathy on her rampage for food – Kathy saying, "I know you have something I can eat…" Then Kathy grabbed a container of what looked like trail-mix. Janetta tried to tell Kathy not to eat it, but Kathy opened the container and tossed back a handful of the mix before asking why. Janetta started laughing, and then explained that the container was hamster food.

I have known Janetta since we were about ten years old, and I could tell even more tales. My dear Janetta, you brought much laughter and joy into our lives. I will miss you.


Christina LMT said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, but glad you have such wonderful memories of her.

Buck said...

My condolences on the loss of Janetta, Lou. It's a great good thing you're focusing on the good memories.

re: Blogging. I hear ya. I have my moments, too, but I keep on keepin' on. God only knows why.

Becky said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend. Sounds like you have some wonderful memories of her.

As for the blog, it is YOUR blog, and I think you should post what you want to. If someone doesn't agree with it, well, that's OK. We are not all the same and aren't always going to agree on everything.

Sometimes I want to chuck mine, too, but that's just because I think that nobody is reading any more. So, I think "why bother?" But in the end, I keep on writing, because I have kept journals off and on throughout my life. Writing is a part of me. It's just who I am.

Bag Blog said...

Christina, yep there are some good memories - did you go to the link and read about my first visit to Las Vegas?

Thanks for your condolences and your like mind on the blogging.

I agree that it is my blog, but the flack I sometimes get is not fun. Usually it has to do with what someone read into my blog and not what I actually wrote - or just disapproval of my choices of posts. Oh well.

Buckskins Rule said...

My condolences on the loss of your friend, Lou. It sounds as if you were fortunate to have had her in your life.

I understand the blog thing. The existence of my blog has been shared with some people that I would have preferred not know of it. Not that I would call them out by name, but in the interest of keeping the peace, I forego some entries that I really want to make. It gets frustrating tiptoeing around people whom I really can't stand.

mornin'lady said...

I'm sorry,sad news about your friend but good the memories and they'll always be with you while your here :) I'm happy your blog is here, like you say , a journal! I have mine printed and my family is always picking them up to read and laugh over, that is why I started mine up again. As far as what I write, I use a lot of restraint :) or like you, fix what I mess up :)

Bag Blog said...

BR, Thanks for your condolences. And I totally get the "tiptoeing."

We are sisters in many ways - I love you.