Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Report

It was a working Saturday here at the Lazy B. Jesse and I stirred up so much dust that we went through two boxes of Kleenexes with our sneezes (hyperbole). Still the house looked pretty good for a little company Saturday night. We cooked on the grill and sat around laughing at Shay and Lindz and Jes – never a dull moment with those three. Shay and Lindz took a couple of turns around the Lazy B on Jes’ motorcycle. We do have cool toys. Jesse and Lindz did a silly photo shoot (like the old days) using the bike as a prop. Now they have Shay as their photographer. He fits in so well. Maybe Jesse will post silly photos soon. I should also mention that Toby did lots of dirt work getting ready for his outdoor kitchen and our back porch. He did some more grating on the driveway – it is now very rough, but I’m sure it will level out, but it is not wise to ride your bicycle on it right now.

Sunday was the usual. After church we had lunch with the GGs at their house. They were wired! Sara and I made a blackberry pie for dessert – yum! We pulled it from the oven and dove into it – topping it off with ice cream. We watched a little soccer on TV, listen to GBN1 read from her Clifford book, and played Old Maid. That sounds very peaceful, but Jes, Toby, and I needed a nap when we got home. Later in the evening, Jesse, Janice and I went to see "Clash of the Titans" at the cheap show. It was an okay movie, but not my thang. Sci-fi and lots of fighting - way too intense.

Today I’m off to exercise, watch the GGs for my DIL, and lots of other little errands. We will have lunch with the fam. I’m sure I will need a nap this afternoon. This weekend is the Barker family reunion, and I have lots to do to help get ready for that. I’m looking forward to next week when things settle down – or will they?


Staci said...

My mom's family reunion is this weekend also! I will probably need a pre-nap, a nap during, and a nap after to get through it! (Part of that might be due to all the food, it's kinda famous for it).

Buck said...

...when things settle down – or will they

Well, I'm not a bettin' man, but if I were I wouldn't take THIS one. I've not ever known your life to be "settled," Lou. At least not in the four years or so I've been reading ya.

Bag Blog said...

Staci, we could be related.

Buck, yeah, this is as settled as it gets, but I am looking forward to getting through this family reunion. I will stop my art classes for the summer too. There is a certain amount of freedom in that.