Friday, June 11, 2010

Bo Man

At first there were three - three babies (I was 21 in this photo; Toby was 22). We lived in San Marcos, TX, in the married housing of SWTSU where we were attending college. We had no money, but we always had fun. We took Bo everywhere with us. When I was pregnant with him, we called him Bilbo. When he was born, we called him Bo. As he grew, we began calling him Bo Man, because he was always such a little man. We still call him Bo Man, and he turned out to be a very good man. Now look at us.


Christina LMT said...

Beautiful. :)

Buck said...

Happy Birthday, Bo!

You and Toby are lookin' as GOOD as you did in the way-back, and the rest of the fambly is beautiful too.

I'm sure you know Bo and Joe Montana share birthdays. If you had waited a day (i.e., tomorrow) Bo and TSMP would have the same birthday. JM is 54 today, TSMP will be 54 tomorrow.

Bag Blog said...

Sometimes I re-think a post long after I posted it, "Did I put that in there" kind of thing. Last night up in The City, I could not remember if I had put that it was Bo's birthday. I'm glad you remembered.

Buck said...

I doubled checked before I jumped, Lou. Specifically by looking at this day last year. ;-)

Junk Diva said...

Good looking group!