Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Replay

Andy apparently really liked yesterdays photo of Jesse and her friends. Some of you know that Jesse has done lots of photo ops that were just pretty fun. Buck mentioned the jackhammer photo (which I will have to search for), but I was thinking more about her girls with guns done for Valentine's Day Massacre cards.Of course the really funny part is that the girls dressed up and went down town to the post office to take these photos. They wanted to carry real guns, but someone's brother told the girls that it would not be a good idea. Still, they got some strange looks, but great photos.


Andy said...

HA! Lou, it seems that you've got one heckuvan interesting young lady on your hands.

Gotta love it! I was vexed with four sons, and didn't have the pleasure of having young ladies around...well, now I do, as the boys have discovered, and snagged a couple of them...but I digress.

I really did love that photo of the girls playing footbaw! And, I love these, too. Just as a side note, "someone's brother" was probably pretty wise when he put the kaibosh on the real guns deal.


Buck said...

Ah... I remember these. But ya need to delete the oics in this post and republish them as originals, from your hard drive... so they can be seen in their proper size. Blogger doesn't do "cut 'n' paste" from old posts very well. What you get is VERY reduced (in size) images. And these pis deserve to be seen in their original size!!

Buck said...

The above is graphic evidence (typos) as to why one should NEVER do a CWI (commenting while intoxicated). My apologies. I'm going to bed now.

Mezzo SF said...

those are AWESOME photos. I am so inspired to do a similar one here, except 1. I have no weaponry and 2. uh...I think we'd probably get arrested if we tried to do that in SF hahah