Saturday, July 03, 2010

Jesse Paintings

Here are some paintings: I did this little fishing boat Wed. with the Painted Ladies. I wanted to try the waves, and I liked the colors.
Jesse joined us and finished up her Aberdeen pastel, which she had started some time ago.
She also did this little watercolor on Thursday with my students.
It has been a busy week. We took Mom to OK City for an eye doctor appointment. It seems she has mild glaucoma and is a good candidate for laser surgery to fix the problem. The eye doc visit took three hours - yep it was crazy. I tried to keep things light and happy. Having Jes along was a big help. The waiting room was huge and overflowing with people. At one point Mom hollered and waved at perfect strangers to indicate some available seating. I was a little embarrassed and said, "Mom, stop it. They are not blind." Then I laughed at my joke. Jesse was embarrassed by me and said I was too loud - I guess it is a mother-daughter thang.


Buck said...

Nice work on the paintings, as always. And here's your mandatory scooter comment: AIIIEEE!

Moms and daughters. Heh. I think it's pretty funny you embarrassed Jesse. I have some Mom-daughter tales I could relate... but. Another time.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, thanks. It has been fun painting with Jes this last week.
We have big, creative plans - even us mothers and daughters can have fun.