Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Report

Saturday I got two tan lines and sweated through two sets of clothes and had to take two showers before 2 PM. Toby and I got up early and rode our bikes into town for breakfast. We did this last weekend also, but this weekend we rode a bit further for an omelet at South-side Diner - making the whole trip over 20 miles. Last week we stopped at Eastlands for a breakfast burrito, which was good, but the coffee was weak. We got off just a bit later than usual, went further, and then paid for it by having more sun and hotter temps on the way home. When I got home and peeled my bike clothes off to take a shower, I had a new tan line – bicycle tan. Then Toby decided we could work on the house. The temps were actually a bit cooler than they had been, and we had a little breeze coming from the Southwest. Unfortunately, we were working on the north east side of the house – no breeze, but a bit of shade. We worked from about 10:30 AM until 2 PM before it just got unbearable outside. Once again, we came in and peeled wet, sweaty clothes off and took showers. I had a new and different tan line – construction worker tan. After this bout of work and clean up, we fell into bed for a nap – too tired to even eat. The GGs called about 3 PM wanting to go sailing. I handed the phone off to Toby ‘cause I get a grumpy when awakened from a nap. After explaining that Booboo and Crewcraw were too tired to sail, but we would get the catamaran out for them if they wanted to go, it was decided no one really wanted to go sailing so much after all. Since we were awake and hungry, Toby and I headed to Walmart. It was a good thing we did not go sailing, ‘cause the clouds rolled in, and we got a few late afternoon thunderstorms. Toby and I settled into our recliners to watch "Lawrence of Arabia," which Jesse had rented from the library. It was none too exciting.

Sunday was just hot. We did not attempt any work outside. Jesse came home from The City where she had visited Lindz and had taken five of Lindz’ little girl cousins to a water park. Maybe she will post pics of the girls. She did post some photos of her cousins from Thursday’s visit.

We are getting ready for the Hottern’ Hell Hundred this next weekend. Several people will be going with us to camp out at Mom’s and ride in the HHH. It should be quite a party.

We are also making plans to visit Buffalo, NY, in late Sept. Toby has a business meeting there, but we will stay through the weekend to do some sightseeing. We are thinking of staying at Niagara on the Lake in a B&B since they are having a wine festival. They also have some bike tours around the countryside. If anyone has any ideas, thoughts or been-there-done-that experience in that part of the country, let me know.


Buck said...

TWO new tan lines? I'd make some sorta comment about being a "lady of leisure" but I fear for my life... ;-)

re: Buffalo. The city has a very nice Navy Memorial Park right downtown (on the river), and you could go stand where SN2 held his change of command ceremony. ;-) Other than that... I got nuthin'. We did a quick in, quick out kinda visit last month.

Junk Diva said...

You can come lay in the pool and have no tan lines! LOL

OATMEAL!!! You rode your bike for oatmeal?????

Jo Castillo said...

I'm proud of you for biking so much. You do a lot!!! We stayed at Niagara falls on the Canadian side and were doing stuff with Papi Jim in Hamilton, so I have no suggestions. Sorry. That should be a great time to go there.

Bag Blog said...

Dang, Buck, I was countin' on you to have been to Niagara. The Navy Park sounds good, though.

Diva, I may have to come over and lay around the pool to even out my lines. Omelet - no oatmeal - you goof.

Jo, Niagara on the Lake is Ontario, I think. There is suppose to be a wine festival going on while we are there - maybe we will bike and wine.

Buck said...

Dang, Buck, I was countin' on you to have been to Niagara.

I've been a couple o' few times, actually, just not on this last trip. Niagara was on the "Nickle Tour" list for visiting firemen when I lived in Ra-cha-cha, just an hour and a half up the road. The Falls are better from the Canadian side, btw.

Old Retired Petty Officer said...

As for tan lines, the horseshoe shaped one around my head is pretty much gone. This past week with the new haircut in 105 to 113 temps on the flight line.
Such is life in the High Desert!