Thursday, September 09, 2010


Everybody is a comic at my house. Actually, I’m a shoe hog. Toby says I buy shoes just to keep others from buying them. Well maybe…
So I ordered these shoes from Cabela’s, and they came in yesterday. I had to buy them because they were Born. They had been priced at $109.00, but had been marked down to $29.99. Hey, I love this type of shoe. They look great with jeans, and they are comfy beyond belief. I don’t usually buy Born, because they are just too expensive. At $29.99, I just could not pass them up. When I took them out of the box last night and saw them up close and personal, my first words were, "Wow, they look a bit more orthopedic than in the photo." So I tried them on. Toby said, "Are you planning on going to nursing school?" I "humphed" at him and went to show Jesse. Jesse said, "How long does the doctor say you have to wear those?" Then she laughed and laughed and added, "Does your husband know you are wearing his shoes?" After saying they did look a bit like "witches shoes" she admitted that they looked good with my jeans and would probably wear them too.
Here is a picture that GBN1 drew last night in church – it’s me. I showed it to Toby, and he thought it was of him. I pointed out that it was supposed to be me. Notice the earrings and the hair clip. When I asked GBN1 what that was on my chin, she said "spots." Toby looked at the picture and said, "We look more alike every day."


Buck said...

Everybody is a comic at my house.

ALL of those one-liners are pretty good! I used to wear something similar to these, but in brown. I had a woman I met in Prague ask me if I was OK to "walk this much" because of my feet (she was showing me around Old Town). Hunh, said I? "Your shoes"... said she... "are they not medical?" I didn't slap her, to my everlasting credit.

Buckskins Rule said...

Sound like you have to be quick on your feet around there (pun intended).

I'm the person with too many shoes around the BR household. Or boots to be more correct. Cowboy boots, work boots, hunting boots, muck boots...they just aren't multi-purpose.

None of them appear to be orthopedic in nature, however.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

What size are those? I think they would look pretty good with my jeans too.

It might be time to shave those "spots".

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Jesse and I both laughed at your Prague story. She leaves for France in Oct, and the last thing she wants is to be un-stylish in Europe.

BR, Puns are my favorite. I understand about the boots - Toby was much the same, but is a bit more into comfort these days and boots are not always the best. Ariats are pretty darn close though.

Piper, Get in line, buddy. Those shoes are hot!

Anonymous said...

.... hey, stick to your guns.... everyone makes fun my my H.S. Trask shoes, but they are SUPERcool..... everyone else just has bad taste.... .


Jo Castillo said...

I love the shoes and had my smile for the night. Thanks. :)

Buckskins Rule said...

I've got some Ariat's. Justin is making boots with some killer insole's these days, too. I will not scrimp on my footwear. If my feet hurt, I tend to be a miserable SOB.