Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ines Sainz

Did anyone catch the Ines Sainz interview yesterday morning on GMA? I tried to link to it, but it did not work. The media seems to be playing up the Jets having sexually harassed Ms. Sainz in the locker room. But then when you hear her, which in itself is funny with her strong accent, she didn't know she had been harassed until someone told her. Apparently, she did not bring the charges and was not feeling "uncomfortable" during her time with the Jets. It seems our media made more out of the situation than actually happened. If the person does not think she was harassed, then was she? If Ms. Sainz enjoys the attention, then how could it be harassment? Although I understand that certain types of behavior are not good in the workplace and should probably be discouraged, obviously it was not Ines who did the discouraging.

It reminded me of a time back in NM. Toby and I were attending a town council meeting in Santa Fe where garbage collections was the topic. There were not a lot of people present, but definitely an odd mixture of folks that only Northern NM produces. Several older Hispanic gentlemen and one hippie-chick activist sort were on the council and present at the meeting. A young, beautiful blond woman wearing a red business suit (dress and high heels) represented the town's trash business. Toby was there representing another trash company. As everyone sat down to the conference table, one of the older Hispanic councilmen remarked to the beautiful blond, "You are about the prettiest trashwoman I've ever met." I thought he was being both funny and complimentary. The blond was very professional and smiled and laughed at the comment saying, "Thank you." But the hippie-chick activist got her panties in a wad and said, "You know that borders on sexual harassment." Talk about a conversation killer! Hippie-chick's comment made everyone uncomfortable.

On one hand, I do think it is important that women be in the workplace without harassment issues, but what constitutes harassment is often vague or different for different women and different cultures and different situations. It may be good to be conscience of other's feelings, but it is not good when everyone is paranoid. And personally, I think if a woman can't take the heat, she needs to get out of the kitchen. How is that for a sexist comment?


John said...

I just wish you would express your "true" opinions one of these days...:-). Reminds me so much of "Lou" way back in RR arguing with one particular jeep driver.

Bag Blog said...

John, I have mellowed some what over the years. My dad did send me to college to learn to say "fantastic!"

Dale said...

Ya know on the way into the building at work today, I commented to one of our Admin Officers, "Hey Pretty Lady", she just smiled and took it as nothing more then what it was, a friendly greeting. Boy I would be in big trouble if everytime I said something like that or "thank you dear", I got brought on harassment charges! Of course Lou Lou you know I'm a hopeless romantic anyway!

Buck said...

But the hippie-chick activist got her panties in a wad...

Heh. Why am I NOT surprised? Isn't there some sort of contractual obligation for women of that sort that REQUIRES them to take offense?

re: Senorita Sainz. I'd be blissfully unaware of this flap had I not seen it on Red Eye late last night. Gutfeld & Co had great fun with it and I couldn't understand one single thing Srta. Sainz said (Red Eye played a couple o' clips of her). Mebbe I wasn't paying attention.

Apropos of nuthin'... I've been sexually harassed in the workplace. It was good for me. ;-)

WV: dogrize. The reaction of lib hippie chicks when offended.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I thought Ms. Sainz' accent was great. I kept wondering if she just did not speak English or what, but it cracked me up. Obviously her speaking ability did not win her that job.

Your WV cracked me up too.