Sunday, November 07, 2010

Big 12

Texas Tech beat Missouri. A&M beat OU. OSU beat Baylor. Kansas State beat Texas. What a wonderful college football weekend. For those of you who don't know, Toby and I went to TT. I come from a long line of Aggies. My son graduated from OSU. And anyone beating UT is okay with me. Ain't the Big 12 grand!


Buck said...

And anyone beating UT is okay with me.

I'm ambivalent about Texas (and all the rest, actually). For me it's "Anyone beating OU is okay with me." Isn't that weird how 146 bad apples (the approx # of OU fans I knew in OKC) will spoil the whole danged barrel?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I feel pretty much the same way about OU. UT is even worse - not only are the fans obnoxious, they are often liberal Austinites.

Buck said...

...they are often liberal Austinites.

Heh. Ya wouldn't have someone specifically in mind, would ya? ;-)

Andy said...

Lou, congrats on a good weekend. Had one myself as an SEC homer/LSU fan.

I don't have much emotionally invested in the Big XII, other than I really like Bo at Nebraska...but they're moving on soon.

However, ANY Saturday when UT loses is a grand day...I just live too close to obnoxious Texas fans, and have many in my own family.

Bag Blog said...

Andy, I hear you on the "Texas fan" thang. Of course, some people may think Aggies are obnoxious, but we get humbled more often.

Jo Castillo said...

Nope! OU are the most obnoxious!

It doesn't take much to beat Texas this year! Hook 'em Horns!

I liked the Aggie and Texas Tech wins. I'm for Texas first, Texas Teams in the Big 12 next, other Texas Teams (Texas State for example), other Big 12 teams except OU, and so on. And of course, mostly in Baseball.

We are still friends, right! LOL

Bag Blog said...

Jo, if you can't rib a friend about their Big 12 team, who can you tease?