Friday, December 31, 2010

Necessity - Mother of Invention

For Toby's upcoming birthday, Jesse said she was going to make a cover for the cat litter box. "Why don't you just buy one?" I asked.

"I don't like the store-bought lids." she replied.

And so she found a large box - the one Buck sent his cigar boxes in. She said it already smelled funny, so it would work well. I don't really understand her logic, but she proceeded to cut a door in the big box. Then she put it over the cat box. I'm not sure the cat will have room to stand up in the box. Can a cat poop laying down? She did admit she may have underestimated the height of the cat. She said she would add a handle. I told her to be sure and use duck tape for that.
Toby asked if was a convertible cat box.
It reminded me of a time years ago when we lived in Questa, NM. Toby and I came home to find that Bo, who was probably 13 at the time, had made a basketball goal for himself. He had used a long pine log for a pole. He had found some boards and nailed them onto the log for a back board. Then he had found an old tin wash tub with a rotted-out bottom and nailed it to the boards. He had dug a hole in the rocky NM soil and put his homemade goal up in the drive way and playing basketball. It worked well, but looked ridiculous. Toby's reaction was, "Good grief! I can buy the boy a basketball goal!" And he did. I think it was all a ploy.

Jes and the GGs


Buck said...

Wait just one minute. My boxes do NOT "smell funny." I bought that box from a uniformed agent of the United States gub'mint and filled it with HIGHLY aromatic (but empty) boxes of the finest cigars. Jesse needs to make an appointment with the nearest otolaryngologist, Toot Sweet.

I think GBN1 is gonna make one hella good actress.

Happy New Year, Lou!

Buckskins Rule said...

GBN2 looks like quite the imp! That look reminds me of at least one of my daughters.

Happy New Year, Lou!

Jo Castillo said...

Too funny!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, GBN2 is very dramatic - you should see her wink. As for your box, well, cigar and cat poop is an interesting mix.

BR, GBN2 has some looks that reminds me of some of Jesse's looks back when.

Jo, We are still teasing Jes about her cat box.