Monday, January 03, 2011

Navy Skit

For some crazy reason I decided to watch a bit of mass media this morning. Whatever was I thinking? The big news item seems to be a Navy commander’s "Raunchy" and "Risque" Skits video taken four years ago over a period of time. George Snuffleupagus interviewed a former Navy Lt. Carey Lohrenz on the subject (interesting that they picked a woman to interview). His lead-in was what made me crazy. He mentioned the Navy Tailhook scandal in 1991and asked, "…if it surprised her that a video like this could happen in the wake of such scandal where so much change was called for…" My first thought was that 20 years ago is a long wake, but I guess they are big ships (heh).

Anyway, I don’t know much about Navy protocol, and I have not seen the video, but I do know how the Media tends to exaggerate and often rock the boat more than any Navy vessel could ever do. The Media definitely carries a big stick and certainly stirs the stuff. Considering these news shows come from the same source (TV) that produces a constant stream of filth, I wonder that they can point the finger at anyone else. We could look at some SNL skits, daytime soap operas, comedians, etc. to find pretty much the same stuff.

I thought Former Navy Lt. Lorhrenz did a fairly good job of dampening the Media fire, but still being polite (or covering her butt). I will be interested to see how others feel about the situation.


Buck said...

Hey! What happened to my comment? I was by this morning and dropped a link to Lex's place that answered your question, in part. Here it is again (paraphrased), FWIW:

"There are 44 comments on this subject at Lex's place, here, including a link to one of the videos in question."

Blogger is acting strange, of late.

Bag Blog said...

Gosh, Buck, I've become like love-sick teenager thinking you had stood me up. I waited all day for your comment - thinking I'd better get out my Simon and Garfunkel and play "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." I'm talkin' some serious deja vu. But you came through for me with the link to Lex's place. Now I'm gonna go rethink my life.

Buck said...

You crack me up, Lou. AND ya make me feel good, too!

Deb said...

I aws feeling the same way the other day Lou. I posted a comment at Buck's place that all oif a sudden disappeared!