Friday, February 04, 2011

Golden Girl

Jesse and I did a bit of painting while we were stuck in the house yesterday. She is painting a scene from Wheeler Peak in NM - very large canvas in acrylics. I chose a picture of GBN2 taken a couple of years ago. I did not spend a lot of time thinking about what to paint, and just grabbed this photo. It's a favorite of mine, because I like the glow and the serious look. GBN2 was sitting on the back of our horse with the sun setting on her. It made her look golden. I have not quite captured her look yet - so I need to do some tweaking on the painting today. It is amazing how little changes can make the picture. I chose not to trim the photo, and instead, show what my drawing board looks like as I paint. what you can't see is the big box of Rembrandt pastels and another box of NuPastels sitting beside the painting. I have an odd supply of pastel pencils also.

It looks like I will get to finish the painting today, since the weather is still not great. We are getting big fat snow flakes as I type. The weatherman swears that it will stop snowing soon and warm up to 30. We will see.

Jesse got out a bit yesterday and drove to a neighbor's house (a few miles away) to feed their dogs and put a log on the fire. She made the short trip without any problems. In fact, I think she enjoyed getting out. It was a reminder of our NM days when we had to feed and haul water to the horses every day through the winter. Those were not my favorite times.


Buck said...

Well, you may think you haven't captured GBN2's look... but I think otherwise. Very nice.

It's 13 degrees here as we speak and OUR WX-man sez we're gonna get to 38 today. It will be the first time we've been above freezing since Monday afternoon.

C'mon, Spring!

Bag Blog said...

Our weatherman made such promises, too, but now he is backing off a bit with temps only getting to 30. Makes me a bit crazier than I already am.

Jo Castillo said...

Just a great painting. You are so close, just lovely. I hope you get warmer, too. I think we got up to 34 or some such. "All our 1/2 inch" snow melted. :)

Bag Blog said...

At first I thought you meant "get warmer" in my painting, which seemed perfectly logical.

Jo Castillo said...

Yep, art talk and weather talk can be a bit confusing. Heh, heh. Great gesture on her. Both girls are so beautiful and full of life.

Amanda said...

Lovely painting! You are so talented!