Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silly Mug, Silly Me

I should probably feel bad about this, but I can't quit laughing. Jesse texted me yesterday to give me her itinerary and to say that I had shipped the wrong coffee mug. Darn. My first assignment and I fail. I was suppose to ship the coffee mug that said "COFFEE" on it. Instead, I shipped the mug that said "SKY CAPTAIN." The lady who received the mug said it was a nice mug, but not the one she ordered. Can't you just see this lady taking out the silly mug with SKY CAPTAIN on the side of it. It still makes me laugh. I swear you just can't get good help these days. The truly bad part, is that to cover the cost of shipping the mug home and shipping the right one to the lady, Jesse will lose money on the whole deal. Jes may let her keep the SKY CAPTAIN mug. Or, I may pay for it to come home. Anyone want a good deal on a silly mug.

The girls are home and resting up.


Buck said...

Oh, well. Stuff happens.

Jo Castillo said...

Can't take you anywhere .. oh no ...can't rely on you! Just like a mom! So irritating, eh? No, don't think I need any mugs. I liked the COFFEE one, too! I was tempted to order it. Ha.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Lots of stuff around here.

Jo, Poor Jesse - she is stuck with me.

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