Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Report

Toby and I finished the under-the-house work on Saturday around 1:00. Yay-yippee-hallelujah! The actual ductwork was not a problem. It was kind of fun to fit the ducts together and make them come out where we had cut a vent in the floor. It was crawling around in the dirt and dust and sitting in cramped spaces that was not so fun. Then there was the critter who joined me. Toby was out getting duct stuff and I kept hearing this noise. Sitting there in the dark by myself with my flashlight wondering what it could be was a bit scary. I held the flashlight up as far as I could and looked around. I admit that I also hollered for Toby to hurry. It turned out to be a big bullfrog. Silly me.

When we finished the ductwork, we worked on the garden. Toby plowed up the garden and we planted tomatoes - lots of tomatoes. I also worked on weeding the yard and planting some grass in the area around the outdoor kitchen. Last winter we brought in filler dirt. So far we have grown great weeds, but very little grass. Later in the afternoon, we went to a big barbecue party. The food and friends were great, but we were tired and only stayed a short time - long enough to eat and play with the GGs.

Sunday was my DIL's birthday. We went with the family to a local Mexican food restaurant to celebrate. Keep in mind that GBN2 is only four years old. When we got seated and were looking at the menu, GBN2 announced that she could speak Spanish. Then she proceeded to show us by saying, "Uno, dos, tres." That was it. Of course, we all got a kick out of her Spanish. Later when the waiter brought the food out, he had a very strong accent while asking us who had what food. GBN2 looked up at me in awe and whispered, "He is speaking Spanish." Then she turned to the waiter with her big blue eyes and in all sincerity said, "Uno, dos, tres." The waiter did not pay any attention to her, but I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.


Mrs. G said...

GBN2 is so adorable. She cracks me up, too.

What kind of tomatoes did you plant? The older I get, the more I like the Cherubs and Sunbursts. So good.

Buck said...

Sitting there in the dark by myself with my flashlight wondering what it could be was a bit scary.

I don't do well in the dark either. I've regressed to my childhood, as a matter of fact... seein' as how I sleep with the light on nowadays. Truly.

Tomatoes. I planted a dozen bushes my first year as a gardener and couldn't even give all the output away. There were tomatoes rotting on the ground by the end of the season.

I speak Spanish about as well as GBN2 but it ain't so funny on me.

Good on ya for finishing a milestone on the house!

Bag Blog said...

Mrs. G, your day is coming. I remember John Cableb cracking me up when your mother would march him out of church.

Buck, I lurve me some tomatoes! Last year, they did not do well. If they rot and fall off the vine, that is fine - as long as I get my fill, I'm good.

Jo Castillo said...

We bought our first house with a garden in Albuquerque. Like Buck, we had so many tomatoes that we couldn't give them all away. Good though!

Frogs aren't quite as bad as snakes or spiders!! Your grandbabies are super!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. The GGs do have their moments - like signing with their mouth full.

Course of Perfection said...

I grow great weeds too, but Riley is ruining them with his 4-wheeler. You're a VERY brave woman to be crawling under a house. I hope Toby appreciates that.

Bag Blog said...

CoP, When I go under the house, I just keep thinking, "One step closer to being in my new house..."