Sunday, June 05, 2011

Birthday Sailing

Life with Toby is never dull. We can start off on some simple day and it can turn into a real adventure. Some people may think we are the Bad Luck Baggetts, but during the time of an adventure, I don't really consider things bad luck - more like obstacles to overcome. Usually when we have had one of those "if it could go wrong, it did" days, I turn to Toby and say, "You are always a fun date!"
Saturday was one of those days. After spending most of the morning getting ready for Jesse's birthday party, we packed up the catamaran and kayaks for the lake. We put the cat in the water about 4 PM. Bo and Shay were the first to sail. They made it to the middle of the lake before flipping the catamaran over. Toby jumped in one kayak, and Jesse and Lindz took the other kayak to paddle out and check on the guys. Bo and Shay were okay, but it was an ordeal to get the catamaran turned upright. When they finally got it going, they went about 200 yards and flipped it again. This time they broke some important ropes and had to be towed to shore by a friendly boater. By then it was 6 PM, and we packed it up and headed home. All the time they were out working on the catamaran, I was watching kids and dogs play in the shallow water. The kids and dogs had a great time; the sailors not so much.

Once back at the house things went a bit better. We boiled shrimp, craw-dads, sausage, corn-on-the-cob, and potatoes. The crayfish were not so great (I need Cajun lessons) and we had lots of 'em. I had watermelon and peach pie for dessert - I do make the best peach pie. A few beers and daiquiris out on the new patio, and all was well. It really was a fun birthday for Jesse. The sailing could have gone better, but such is life.


Buck said...

So why weren't the craw-dads great? Was it sumthin' ya did, or didn't do? I love those lil things and when I was down on the Gulf (around Houston and points south) I ate a ton of 'em. Well, mebbe HALF a ton.

Sorry about the sailin'. But ya know what they say: "Sometimes it bees like that."

Who is Dos Equis Boy? He looks like he's on his last beer and Lindz does NOT look amused. That's a GREAT photo and... Just sayin'.

Bag Blog said...

That is Lindz' husband, Shay. He has not had "too many." He is just enthusiastic about life. Shay is an Iraq veteran and very gung-ho. Lindz had a bit of a headache all day and was fighting it off.

The craw-dads were not fresh, but frozen already cooked - it is what you can get here in OK. They needed something, but I don't know what.

Buck said...

Thanks for the explanation about the pic, Lou. I meant no offense, it just struck me as funny.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, it is a funny photo. Because I was busy cooking, I did not take any others. I was hoping Jesse would take a few, but hers were more the artsy ones.

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like the dinner was good. Glad I wasn't sailing! I don't do water very well. Ha.

Moogie P said...

You can order live crawfish to be shipped from here. There's just something different about the texture of frozen.

I can't believe you have a Shay! That was my mother's name, as well as my Elder Daughter's! I dated a guy named Shay for awhile in college, but that didn't last too long. It's just a little weird dating a guy who has the same name as your mother.

I would kill for some of your peach pie!