Monday, June 20, 2011

Rolling at the Lazy B

As is the way of things these days, we worked on the house Friday. We have been building a shower - pouring a cement base and such. We have Internet instructions and some input from our friend, Bob the Builder. It is going well. Toby worked so hard on Friday that his back was giving him problems on Saturday. So, we took a needed break and got some other things done on the house that did not require "puttin' your back into it." We went to The City and looked at stove/ranges for the kitchen. We ended up buying one - I'm excited! We also went by Home Depot and got an estimate for kitchen cabinets. We have some local cabinet makers coming by this week to also give bids on that job. It is really coming together.

This is just how we roll.
ollow me on this: The shower we are building is 3x4. Toby bought wire mesh to put in the bottom before putting the cement base down. The wire mesh came in a two-foot wide long strip. Toby said, "Lets cut two three-foot pieces and lay them side by side." That sounded like a plan. Then we proceeded to measure and cut a 24 inch piece. I held the measuring tape and helped Toby cut the two-foot piece. When we finished cutting the wire mesh, I held up the piece and said, "That ain't right!" That is a line from my favorite Western, "Silverado." Both Toby and I stood their feeling rather stupid. I asked, "How much mesh is left? If there is six feet, we can still make this work." Toby replied, "What?! And make it look like we knew what we were doing?" There was six feet of wire mesh left. We cut in two pieces, and it worked perfectly.

On Sunday at church, the GGs sat with us - away from their parents. They were pretty good. They did some amazing art work during the lesson, but you never know what they are really hearing and learning. At the end of church our preacher usually asks everyone to stand together and turn to their neighbor and say something like, "Don't lose heart" or "Don't grow wearing in well doing." Sometimes he says to tell your neighbor, "May you have eyes to see and ears to hear." Yesterday he had us say something different - I forgot what exactly, because GBN2 turned to me and said, "May you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a nose to smell."


Buck said...

I'm glad the shower thang worked out. I always get a kick out of those building/home improvement shows where the star pompously intones "measure twice, cut once" or some such. My home improvement methodology was sorta similar... in that I used to write ONE check per job. That worked like a charm, every time.

Grandbabies are a never-ending source of blog-fodder, ain't they?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Toby and I can measure twice and cut three times. And yes, grandbabies are a hoot. I didn't mention that GBN1 licked Toby's face during a prayer at church. Toby had to try and be stern about it, but it was funny.

Moogie P said...

These days, I prefer Buck's methodology.

I'm afraid I would have cracked up at the grands. Pepper's first wife calls our grandkids "the grand crazies,". She's not far off!

AirmanMom said...

Your blog is always such an informative/fun-loving read! Thanks!!!!

Bag Blog said...

Moogie, My husband says shopping with the GGs is like shopping with raccoons.

Airman Mom, I don't know about informative, but we do have some fun moments.

Course of Perfection said...

Must be a phase, GBN1 licked her uncle after his ballgame last week. I got to try my hand at not cracking up as the parents were correcting. Also, got to hear all about GBN2 jumping off the diving board. That's a big deal!
I'm excited for you getting a new stove/range. That is also a big deal!

Bag Blog said...

CoP, As long as you show no fear,
GBN1 will leave you alone, but just a little squeal, and she will continue to lick you when you least expect it. I got watch them jump off the diving board - it was fun.

Andy said...

HA! GBN2 is definitely a member of the clan.

Reminds me so much of church moments when the boys were little...too many long stories.

Probably never have a grandchild, though. I would say "sigh," but I'm not really sure I'm all that unhappy about it. Often I think that my children should NOT reproduce.

HA! WV: delete

joyce said...

Dear Lou,

Our granddaughter, age 4 and a half, is here from Alaska. She asked: aren't you afraid your pants are going to burst the seams? And why do you have whiskers?

Bag Blog said...

Joyce, I took GBN2 to the bathroom at church Sunday. She pottied, and then I pottied. She decided to get toward the back of the stall, because she didn't want anyone to see her feet. Then she said, "You have a fat bottom."

Texas Pastel Artists said...

Too funny. My grandkids are grown. Waiting for the great ones!

Samjhana Rupakheti Sharma said...