Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Weekend of Work

As I said before, Toby took off work last Thursday and Friday to work on the house. And work we did. On Thursday morning we went to town to run and errand before the lumberyard guys delivered a load of lumber for the ceiling. The lumber guys had delivered the wrong batch of lumber two weeks ago, which is a whole 'nuther story. Anyway, while in town, we saw a Subaru at on the used car lot at Hunts. Since we had been looking at cars for a while now, and we like Subaru's, we pulled over and had a look-see. It was an 05, five speed, turbo, Outback Legacy. Yeah Baby! We bought it, and I love it.We got home from to wait on the lumberyard guys who did not come until 4:30 PM...and they had the wrong lumber...again.

Friday was much the same as Thursday with work on the house. The lumberyard guys showed up early with the right lumber - yeha.

Friday evening we quit early to go to a wedding. It was kind of an Okie wedding, but very nice and lots of fun.The flower girl was extra cute.

On the way home from the wedding when I had turned my phone back on, I found out that my Uncle Gene had died. It made me sad, but then so did seeing him a few months back when he did not know me. You can google his name on my blog and see what he was to me and my family, but mostly he was my Dad's best friend and he loved me as if we were really related. I will miss him. His family is planning on having a memorial service in RR sometime this summer.

Saturday we got up early and headed to Meeker, OK, just out of Shawnee. Lindsay and Shay had bought a metal building and needed to tear it down and move it. We had volunteered to help. Of course it was one of the hottest days so far this spring. You know it's hot and you are working hard when you drink lots of bottled water and never even consider going to the bathroom all day, because any liquid is being sweated out. The day went well, and the building came down easily. It was the two flats on our trailer that slowed us down. Finding an open tire business on Memorial Weekend after 5 PM was a bit of a problem too. Thank you WalMart in Shawnee! We stopped by the Junk Diva's house on the way home. She fed us and let us dive into her swimming pool. The downside of that was the 10 jillion mosquito bites that I got - Toby did not get any - go figure!

Sunday we took some time to go see our mom's in WF - show off the new Subaru.

Monday was more work, but now I have air conditioning.

Tuesday some friends showed up after lunch, and we put up the ceiling in the bedroom. Today, they will be here early to work on the living room ceiling. We are getting closer to being done - Yeha!


Fire Fox said...

Holy cow Lou! I'm all tired out just "reading" about all the work you've been doing! I will not complain anymore about the little work I've had to do! Nice photos... as always! Please make sure to take a few bits of time for yourself to relax!

Buck said...

Nice car... FULL weekend!

Is that Outback AWD? I think they all are, but I'm not that up on Subarus. You need to start lookin' for bumper stickers, Lou. Ya know... stuff like "Save a Whale!" "No More War!" "Love Your Mother (with a big-ass Gaia graphic) "Visualize Whirled Peas!" Otherwise the Subaru fraternity will drum you out and they'll repossess your car. Bumper stickers are a condition of ownership.

Course of Perfection said...

That wedding was swell. Tell Toby that I didn't get a chance to tell him, but I REALLY liked his shirt, very cool. Is he that stylish or did you pick it out for him? :^D

Ceiling looks fabulous!

Bag Blog said...

FF, Last night we kicked back and watched a Netflix movie. Don't worry; I do sitting around relaxing very well.

Buck, The Subaru is AWD. I was thinking about a bumper sticker that said, "Eat more beef" or something along those lines, but I do like wirled peas.

CoP, Toby is stylish. He has loved those shirts since we lived in South Texas - cool and comfy.

Buckskins Rule said...

Subaru's are the State Pace Car up here. Most of them are owned by hippie granola freaks, who drive 55 in the fast lane. I'm not exaggerating either.

I hope they have a better reputation in OK.

Barbara said...

Sorry to hear about Gene. He was a very special man who was always extrememly nice to us. He will be missed. Paul is already in RR and I am going next week but will let him know. Please let us know when the memorial service is up there. As an official "junior" member of the OFG he will want to go. They told him years ago that he wasn't old enough to be a full member LOL but did drink coffee with them for lots of summers. They gave him a different colored hat to indicate "junior" member. Occasionally now Hal and a few will still meet - just not every morning at the crack of dawn!
Glad to hear your house is almost finished - that's very exciting!

Bag Blog said...

Subaru's are not common here in OK - at all. We drove one back in our NM days, 'cause they are great family cars and they had 4wheel drive. This new Subaru with its turbo thang will go much faster than 55 - as long as I don't get behind some farmer going to town for coffee.

Jo Castillo said...

Y'all work toooo hard. The house is looking great, though. Sorry about your Uncle Gene. Maybe we will be up in AF when you come to RR. That would be nice to see you. We have a room for you.

Take care and don't overdo!

Catherine MacDermott said...

I miss my Subaru -- I know you'll love yours. You do know it's the car driven by most DEMOCRATS in the US, don't you?$@#$@!#! Happy Trails and love from Prague!

Bag Blog said...

Catherine, are you taking great photos of cool places for me? I wish I were there with you.

Staci said...

Slick car, Lou! I'm starting to see more of them up here in the huge city.