Monday, July 18, 2011

Heat and Drought

GMA just reported 17 days of temperatures being above 100 in Dallas, TX. Our local weather man in Lawton reported 46 days of temperatures above 100 and more of the same for the next week. Seems GMA missed the big story. Ranchers are selling their cattle and getting out of the cow business. Sale barns are turning away cattle - they just have too many. Hay has gone sky high. We are down to just a few bales ourselves, and they are promised. Several people we know are struggling to feed their horses and are facing the thought of selling them. We took in one friend's horse last week. Normally this time of year we are mowing the grass every week and have cut hay. We mowed the grass back in May, but not since then, and there has been no hay cut at all. It is just burned up. Although we water the garden, it is not doing well. It is just too hot. What is growing is being eaten up by grasshoppers. Every now and then we get a little burst of rain, but not enough to wet the ground. Does that sound bad? You kind of get use to the heat, but the drought is what is really bad. We need rain and lots of it. I am amazed that the national news is just now getting this. I'm also horrified that they are so interested in finding where Casey Anthony has gone.


John said...

17 days is not the total days above 100 Lou. What they meant to say is 17 days in a "row". I saw that last night and they also said Dallas had 26 days of above 100 temperatures this summer, which is nothing like you guys or especially Central Texas. Travis County is Austin is experiencing their 3rd worst drought in recorded history, and they say it will easily become #2. The most recent drought down in Central Texas was 1956. Lake Travis down where Dad and Mom live is drying up.

I know you guys are getting hit hard also. The only region of Texas which has been spared so far is far NE Texas, which is where I appraise in. From Dallas up north to the RR, then over east to Arkansas and Louisiana has had quite a bit of rain.

I bet you can't wait to get out of there and head to Red. Hope you read my comments on Cindy Brown. We got back Saturday night from vacation in CO and RR. When we left RR that morning, it was 50. We hit a high of 107 while driving to Richardson. To say that I didn't want to be coming home is an understatement. 3 more years and we retire in Loveland, CO. Can't wait!!!

Buck said...

The drought is bad here, too, but we did get 1.35 inches o' rain last week. That doesn't SOUND like a lot but it's better than nuthin'. We also haven't had the heat all y'all have had. It's been in the mid- to high-90s every day, but nuthin' ridiculous, like 110 and above.

Hang in there.

Moogie P said...

That sounds scary miserable. My family in Little
Rock report many, many days over 100, too. We were in a pretty serious drought in SE LA until last week. Now we're getting almost too much rain -- over 6" this morning alone on the West Bank. Wish I could figure out a way to share it with y'all!

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

I'll stop complaining about our weather now. Hope you folks get some relief soon.

Bag Blog said...

I saw Lake Travis a few weeks ago when I was down visiting my cousin - it is bad. I am looking forward to going to RR, not just for the cool, but for the girl weekend.

I wish we cooled off in the evenings like the High Plains. I'm kind of feeling guilty for moving Toby's mom here.

Too much rain can be as bad as not enough. I'm getting sort of used to the temps over 100, but that lack of rain is really hurting people.

When people are faced with selling their beloved horses because they cannot feed them, well, you understand.