Monday, July 11, 2011

Memorial Service

Tomorrow there will be a memorial service at 10 AM at Faith Mountain Fellowship for my Uncle Gene and his son Billy, who both died this past year. I attended Billy's funeral back in February, and got to see Uncle Gene and his family at that time. Uncle Gene died Memorial Weekend, and the family planned to have a memorial for him in RR later in the summer. Well, it is later in the summer and I will not be able to attend tomorrow's service in RR. Jesse and Mom will be there as will my brother and his wife. Jim, better known as Bimbo, will also be there. I feel like I am missing the party of the year. And it will be a good time, because Uncle Gene's family is full of fun and laughter. Of course, Billy and Gene as well as Aunt Dottie, who went before them, will all be missed. My dad will be missed. But the good times will be remembered. There will be old jeep drivers telling old stories. There will be lots of local folk to add to those stories. I will be thinking of you all. For some reason I want to cuss right now. Probably because Uncle Gene and Dad would do so.

That is Uncle Gene standing on the left, Poochie Washburn in the maroon T-shirt, and Dad with his beard and overalls - pulling in the Fourth of July tug-o-war.


Staci said...

I like the way Uncle Gene is supervising the tug. :)

Bag Blog said...

He was like that.

Buck said...

In this particular case it's more than fair to say gettin' old sucks, as in it's no fun at all to see your loved ones go. But: life. It is what it is.

Moogie P said...

Blogger ate my comment. It said, I wish you could be there.

Becky said...

So sorry for your loss. I know as I'm watching my loved ones get older that I'm going to be losing them, too. I hate that, but try to remember all the good times instead.

Bag Blog said...

It is a season, isn't it.

My daughter said she would take pictures. One of my old friends has been sending me phone photos - like I can see them on my little phone - even with my glasses.

I think that is what I'm missing most - it would have been a good time with my old friends even if was a funeral.