Monday, August 22, 2011

Changes at the Lazy B

Although I haven't said much about it, times they are a changin' here at the Lazy B. Jesse is going back to school full time. It seem she wants to complete her Bachelor's degree - she has an associates degree now. She has taken a few classes here and there in the past, but decided to go back full time at Midwestern State University. WF is only about an hour away from here, so it is not as though she is "going off" to school. She will be spending lots of time in WF and staying with Mom rather than driving back and forth as she has done in the past while attending Chickasha or Cameron.

Yesterday, she packed her bicycle into her little car along with other necessities. She took photos of Toby, me, and the dogs waving good-bye. Using her camera, I took a couple of shots of her getting into her car. Maybe she will post a pic on her blog. She texted late last night that all was well in WF. Do I feel empty nest syndrome? Not really...well, maybe.

Toby said he was worried about me - what would I do without Jesse around? But I have a plan. Starting next week, I will be tutoring/teach two young ladies from our church. One of the girls has been an art student for the past two years, so I know her well. Now, I will be teaching her older sister too. Both girls are precious. I'm looking forward to spending time with them.

My biggest fear in committing to home teaching the girls was not the girls, but giving up my time. Silly - huh? But I've been on my own, teaching art classes, and doing whatever I want for a long time. I've not taught school in over ten years. And this is a big commitment. How come "committing" has two t's and "commitment" only has one? I need to brush up on my grammar/spelling skills. Yep, this may do me some good.

In other news;
The boys are bringing the base cabinets today!! I'm so excited!! Yesterday, Toby and I worked to put down some hardboard for the floor. It needed to be in place to set the cabinets on the board. Then we will finish the hardboard on the entire new area, and do the floors! We also bought lights and ceiling fans. It is coming together.


Buck said...

I think your tutoring project is great... Good On Ya!

As for Jess going back to school, that's a good idea, too. And isn't it a great good thing she can stay with your Mom? That said, I'm thinkin' yesterday's leavin' was prolly pretty poignant.

Yays for the house comin' together... we DO need pics!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the positive feedback on the tutoring and for noticing that it will be good for Jes to be with Mom.

I'm not ready to do pics until the cabinets are in - as we speak, the room is getting smaller or so it seems as the cabinets line the walls.

Moogie P said...

Everything Buck said. Times 2!

I've wondered from time to time about going back to teaching. So far I'e been able to talk myself out of it. And it's getting easier all the time!

Have fun -- those are a couple of lucky girls.

Becky said...

Good luck and have fun teaching!

Jo Castillo said...

Good luck to you and Jesse. Proud of her for going back to school. You will have a great time and I applaud you for helping people, you have a generous and good heart.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Moogie. I sometimes wonder if I could teach in public schools again. I don't think so. I love the kids, but hate the politics and political correctness.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Becky.

Thanks. Jes is already having lots of fun and meeting people.