Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Internet Day of the Dead

Today has been an interesting day, yet boring really. I have not been able to get internet service in my room here at the hotel. I have had it the entire time I was here, but not today. The front desk called tech support from their wireless company. I talked to three different levels of techies, to no avail. They all said that it was not a problem with my computer, but with the wireless, They were not able to figure out what to do about it. After the third level techie, they said they would talk to the hotel people and have them send up the hotel engineer. The hotel sent up two guys, whom I thought were janitors - nothing wrong with janitors, but they were no help at all. They said they would talk to the front desk. All of this took up my entire morning. At that point, I put on my bathing suit and headed to the pool. I did stop by the front desk and thanked them for trying to get my internet working, and told them that I was headed off to relax and get a tan. They said they thought it was my computer yada yada. They offered to move me to another room, blah, blah, blah. They really were nice, but I do feel like they were little to no help. The techies were only able to do so much - like trained monkeys (most, anyway). And then it was the run-around.

So tanned, showered, cleaned up, and napped, here I am in the lobby using the hotel wireless. So I assume it was not my computer. My day was not wasted, though. I pretty much completed a pastel portrait - yeha! I will post a pic of my portrait later, but it is in the room and I'm in the lobby. Maybe they will serve drinks and hors d' oeuvres soon.

I was able to see my Uncle Bob and Aunt Caroline yesterday when they came to pick up Uncle E an Aunt D. Most of you know from reading past posts on my Uncle Bob just how special he is to me. The minute he saw me, he hugged me tight - you know you've been hugged when he is finished with you. Then he put his hand over the lower part of my face leaving my eyes showing and said, "Gee you look like your dad." Then he hugged me tight again while we both got our emotions under control. Yep, I do love my uncles.


Course of Perfection said...

I often have to help my Mom with computer issues over the phone. I have complete and total sympathy for the techies. Not that I think you're like my Mom, but I know how hard it is. AND since Colt will probably end up somewhere in that field, it's good for me to promote goodwill. ;^)
I can't wait to see your portrait.

Bag Blog said...

I did everything the techies told me to do and was very nice to them. But eventually, they said, "Hmm, I will turn this over to a higher level and call you back." So if they told me it was a "server problem" and they are the server, what's a girl to do?

Moogie P said...

Other than the frustration, that sounds like a pretty good day -- especially the "knowing you've been hugged part."

Buck said...

It's an unfortunate fact o' life: a lot of techies aren't... technical enough. The really good ones seem few and far between and I speak from experience.

Well, at least ya had an excuse to go lay about the pool, eh?

Bag Blog said...

I've known some great techies, too. But I've known some who are just trained and have no real understanding, which is where I would probably fit in myself.

Moogie, I'm not a big hugger, but when I do hug, it might as well mean something.