Sunday, August 14, 2011

Off Again

I'll be blogging from Houston this week. Toby has to do the Halliburton thang. If anyone else is in the area and wants to hang with me, let me know.

Here are some cute pics. I kept the GGs the other day and we had ice cream. Frank the cat thought he could outsmart GBN2 and get some cream. GBN2 kept the bowl well away from Frank.
This little fellow is the neighbor's dog, Boots. He escapes his chain, collar, pen, etc. to be with my dogs. Sometimes he sits in the water bowl. Be cool, ya!


Becky said...

So cute with the dog sitting in the water bowl! Have a safe trip.

Buck said...

Sometimes he sits in the water bowl.

And your dogs STILL drink from that bowl after that? ;-)

Have fun in Houston!

Andy said...

Cute pictures.


My sympathies. Not my favorite city in the great nation of Tejas. Of course, I like it better than Austin...

Lou, say "hey y'all" to all the Katrina refugees!!! They're still there. You might have to check the County lock-up, or city jail...or the welfare office...but tell 'em "Andy says hey!"

Course of Perfection said...

Riley & Boots would get along wonderfully.

Bag Blog said...

Boots is just pretty darn cute.

The pond is worse - so yeah, they drink after Boots.

If I end up in the County lock-up, I'll look up your friends.

I can see Riley and Boots together.

Jo Castillo said...

Very cute photos. Have fun in Houston. Guess you will make the art museum?

Don't forget to comment on my art challenge post to win a book and get an issue of the Pastel Journal! Buck if you win it, you can give it to Lou. It would be a great present!

Moogie P said...

Cute! I love the pup in the water dish!